HelaBet registration

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HelaBet registration

HelaBet registration is a mandatory procedure that determines further gameplay. A properly created account allows using the company’s services without restrictions. It prevents any potential difficulties during the verification and gives bettors many privileges in the form of welcome bonuses. We tell you how to create an account on the HelaBet website with a bonus.

HelaBet registration: methods for creating a gaming account

Even though registration on the bookmakers’ websites and online casinos (including HelaBet registration) is visually similar to the process of creating an account on any other site. It is worth approaching this process responsibly for several reasons:

  1. Firstly, some of the information from the registration form is transferred to the game profile and blocked for editing. When verifying the identity, which the company can request at any time, any discrepancy between the account data and passport data can cause difficulties and even temporary blocking of the account.
  2. Secondly, the correct registration (via a promo link or using a promo code) almost always guarantees an additional or increased bonus. You should not ignore any fields in the questionnaire form.
  3. Thirdly, it is extremely important to remember the authorization data and generally avoid typos. It will not be possible to create a gaming account on the website of one company for the second time – duplication of accounts is prohibited by all gambling sites.

All three of the above points are relevant for the HelaBet registration. As for the methods of creating an account, today you can join the company’s customers in one of four ways.

Method Note
By Phone The account is linked to a mobile phone number. It is also used for authorization on the site. The player creates the password himself.
By Email The account is linked to the email. Authorization takes place by e-mail in the form of a login and a password created by the player.
Social Network and Messengers The system links a player’s profile on a social network with an account on the site. All information available in the account will be automatically transferred to the HelaBet personal account.
One-click It is the fastest way in which the system generates a login and password for a new client on its own.

Each method of HelaBet registration will require different follow-up actions from the player. In view of this, we will now take a detailed look at each method of creating a gaming account.

HelaBet registration by Phone

The first method of HelaBet registration, which is offered by the official website of the company, involves connecting an account to a phone number. The player is required to fill in the following fields:

  • Phone number. The player will first need to select the telephone code of the country of residence in the drop-down list to fill in this field (often this parameter is set automatically). Next, enter your number and click on the Send SMS button.
  • Confirmation code. Within a few minutes after clicking on the Send SMS button, a message with a code will be sent to the specified phone number, which will need to be entered in this field.
  • Account currency. The currency can be selected in the drop-down list. The main thing is to remember that in the future this parameter will not be changed.
  • Password and Re-enter your password. Here you will need to come up with a password to log in to your account, as well as duplicate the code to make sure that the entered combination is correct.

Before completing the HelaBet registration, be sure to fill in the “Enter your promo code” field, specifying the isport combination in it. The promo code will give you a nice welcome bonus, which we will tell you more about later.

HelaBet registration by Email

HelaBet registration by email is an alternative to creating an account by phone number. Bettors who choose this method will need to specify the following information in the registration form:

  • The email address, which, like the phone number in the first version of the questionnaire, will require confirmation. In view of this, we strongly recommend specifying a personal email account to which you have access.
  • First name. We fill in this line as in the identity document. It is worth emphasizing that here the system requests exactly the user name, and not the login or the game name.
  • We fill in this line by analogy with the previous one. No typos or false information, as this is one of the items that will require confirmation in case of possible identity verification.
  • Country of residence. Select this parameter from the drop-down list.
  • Account currency. Decide in which currency it is more convenient to make transactions and play to avoid conversion. Make your choice.

Do not forget to fill in the “Enter your promo code” field as in the first registration option, entering the isport code into it to activate the welcome bonus.

HelaBet registration by Social Network and Messengers

Significantly different from the previous method of HelaBet registration. Clients will need to fill in only three fields at the first stage:

  1. Select the country of residence in the drop-down list.
  2. Decide on the currency of the account.
  3. Enter the promo code if available. It is worth recalling here that the current combination for today is the isport

Then the bettor needs to choose one of the proposed social networks or messengers, where there is an account, and then log in to the profile. After performing the above actions, the system will ask for permission to synchronize data and transfer the information (full name, residential address, email and phone number) to the game profile. You can log in to the gambling site either through a social network or with the help of a login and password created by the company.

One-click HelaBet registration

The last option is a quick HelaBet registration. This method involves choosing the country of residence and the currency of the account (usually these parameters are set automatically by reading the user’s location). We recommend not to rush and not to use this method for some reasons:

  • the system will still ask you to fill out a game profile after registration, so you won’t be able to save time;
  • registration in 1 click involves an automatic selection of login and password, forgetting which it will not be possible to log in to your account;
  • when creating an account in this way, the customer will not be able to enter a promo code, thereby depriving himself of a chance for a bonus.

Due to the above reasons, it is better to choose any other way to create an account.

HelaBet registration: initial verification

Theoretically, you can start playing immediately after HelaBet registration. However, we recommend you put your gaming profile to avoid difficulties during identity verification, be able to receive bonuses (including welcome) and participate in promotions. New customers are required to:

  1. Fill in the player profile. This is a separate tab in the personal account, where the user needs to provide some personal information (full name, residential address, etc.). At least all fields marked with a star must be filled in.
  2. Confirm contacts. Specify the mobile phone number and click on the Send SMS button, then enter the code from the message (when registering by phone, re-activation is not required). In addition to mobile, you need to activate email – after entering the email address in the profile of your account, an email with a link will be sent to your email box. Follow the link to confirm the contact.
  3. Give consent to participate in the promotions. This action is not necessary for those who plan to play at their own expense without any privileges. If a player wants to participate in promotions, receive bonuses and place stakes at the expense of the company, you will need to select the category “Sports” or “Casino” for accrual of rewards in the account settings.

The HelaBet registration will be considered fully completed after performing the above actions. The player can proceed to deposit and, if desired, receive the first bonus.

HelaBet registration with a bonus

As promised, we share the details of the HelaBet registration with a bonus. When creating an account, we advised you to specify the isport promo code. Activation of this combination allows players to receive one of two rewards:

  • first deposit bonus for sports (100% up to 8,000 INR);
  • bonus for the first four deposits on casino games (a total of 200% up to 130,000 INR and 150 free spins).

To activate the registration bonus, it is enough to activate the promo code, fill out the registration form of the questionnaire, put the profile in order (including phone number and email verification), and also select the desired reward in the account settings (“Sport” to receive a bonus for a bookmaker or “Casino” for a gambling bonus). The promotion will be transferred to the bonus balance after making the first deposit. Details of the promotion can be read in the article HelaBet Promo Code.

Summing up, the HelaBet registration is a simple procedure, but it requires attention and a responsible approach. Correct and consistent execution of actions will guarantee a trouble-free game and additional privileges.

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