Hacksaw Heatwave in 1xBet

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Hacksaw Heatwave in 1xBet

Very few days are left until the end of summer, so now is the time to stock up on pleasant emotions until the next holiday season! In the period from August 25 to 31, 2022, the Hacksaw Heatwave in 1xBet tournament will be held with a prize fund of 2,500 euros. The promotion participants have the opportunity to receive from 50 to 1,000 euros, which do not need to be wagered. We share the terms of the event.

Hacksaw Heatwave in 1xBet: prize pool

Does it seem that summer has passed you by? Or maybe the hottest season, on the contrary, was especially successful, and you want to end it on a positive note? Both in the first and second case, we offer to take part in the new Hacksaw Heatwave in 1xBet promotion, in which the company will raffle a prize pool of 2,500 euros.

The tournament conditions are as elementary as possible, anyone can take part in the promotion, and the prize money received in case of a win will not need to be wagered. The table below shows how much money the users who took 1st to 15th place will receive.

Place Cash Prize
1st place 1,000 euros
2nd place 500 euros
3rd place 250 euros
4th place 125 euros
5th place 125 euros
6th place 50 euros
7th place 50 euros
8th place 50 euros
9th place 50 euros
10th place 50 euros
11th place 50 euros
12th place 50 euros
13th place 50 euros
14th place 50 euros
15th place 50 euros

Considering that it is enough to simply spin your favorite slot machines to win, the prospect of winning up to 1,000 euros as an additional prize will be relevant for both a new player and a professional user.

Hacksaw Heatwave in 1xBet: terms of the promotion

In order to spend the summer with the additional profit received as part of the Hacksaw Heatwave in 1xBet promotion, users will need to fulfill a couple of conditions. Among them:

  1. Authorization on the site. If the personal account has not been created, you can register (you can join the participants on any tournament day). To get an additional bonus, specify the 1xBet promo code ISPORT.
  2. Activation of the tournament. Participation in the promotion begins with a click on the “Take part” button on the Hacksaw Heatwave in 1xBet event page.

Then the fight for the prize money starts. To get into the leaderboard, the player needs to beat the competitors by the number of points earned. How do I get points? To do this, you will need to spin one or more of the slots listed below:

Dork Unit, Toshi Video Club, Frutz, Outlaws, Rocket reels, Gladiator legends, Born Wild, StackEm.

Each 1 euro won will bring not only joy, but also 100 points in a personal score. As one can logically assume, the more points – the higher the position, and the higher the position, the more solid the prize money, which can be seen in the table provided above.

The results of the offer will be announced within 72 hours from the moment of its end. During the same period, users will receive cash prizes that will be credited to the main accounts without the need to make wagering.

The promotion is valid from August 25 to August 31, 2022.

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