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Download BitStarz

The 21st century is the era of the Internet, where smartphones play an important role. More and more people get access to the World Wide Web using mobile devices. Of course, this could not bypass the sphere of betting: online gambling establishments adapt to the current realities by releasing their own mobile applications with which the user can easily bet and play slots using a smartphone. The main thing is the availability of the device itself and the Internet. In this article, we will tell you how to download BitStarz applications to your phone and whether this online casino has its own software at all.

Download BitStarz: how and where to download the mobile app

Exploring the Internet space, you probably came across this page of our site while searching for links to applications from BitStarz or just studying all kinds of information related to the game on this site. Anyway, we need to make an announcement for you:

you cannot download BitStarz on a mobile device! At the time of writing this text, the company does not have applications for Android and iOS operating systems. Also, this site does not have special software for installation on PCs and laptops. In addition, the company does not announce any deadlines for the development of applications.

Perhaps you will visit other resources where you will see links to supposedly download BitStarz mobile applications. So: it is better to ignore such programs since it is possible that they may contain malicious code. And the consequences of installing such software are well known: loss of personal data, account hacking, and so on. If it becomes possible to download BitStarz, the company will announce this on its official website.

Download BitStarz: what to do if there is no app

So, as you have already understood, BitStarz does not have an application. And in this case, what should I do if I want to play on the platform using a mobile device, but there is no program for this? We give some recommendations:

  • Play using other devices. The simplest and most obvious advice is to use other devices if, for instance, you have weak technical characteristics of a smartphone, or mobile traffic is severely limited.
  • Use the mobile version of the BitStarz website. If there is no possibility to download BitStarz, just use the mobile version of this online casino. It is quite convenient and will open in any browser.
  • Wait for the release or try another casino. Alternatively, you can just wait for BitStarz to develop and post a mobile application on its website or look at other casinos that have their own software. They can be found on our website.

If you still have any questions regarding access to BitStarz using a mobile device, you can always ask them in the comments under this article, and we will try to answer them promptly. In addition, the link to go to the official website of this casino is located at the top of this page.

Download BitStarz: a review of the mobile version of the site

Of course, we visited the mobile version of the BitStarz online casino site and saw what it is. Therefore, we are sharing with you a brief overview of this site.

  • User-friendly and intuitive design. Even though you can’t download BitStarz, it is possible to play on the site using a smartphone. The mobile version itself has the most pleasant design, everything is done in the corporate style of the company. The interface is designed in such a way that even a beginner will understand how to play a slot machine. In general, there are no complaints about the design: BitStarz programmers have tried very hard to provide the user with a comfortable pastime.
  • All functionality of the main site is preserved. The mobile version of the BitStarz website fully retains all the functionality of the standard platform. The player can do everything there, from registration to participation in bonus offers. By the way, if you are just going to create an account on the website of this company, you can see for yourself: when registering with your smartphone, just specify the BitStarz bonus code isport to receive an additional 20 no deposit free spins.
  • The mobile version works smoothly and does not crash. On all modern mobile devices, the player, using the mobile version of the BitStarz website, will not feel any discomfort when playing. The site opens quickly, no brakes were noticed on the site itself, everything works stably. Therefore, the mobile version of BitStarz is a great replacement for applications until the company creates them.

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Download BitStarz: FAQ
Where and how can I download mobile applications for playing at BitStarz casino?
When is the release of mobile applications for BitStarz planned?
How to play BitStarz from a smartphone if you can't download apps?
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Where and how can I download mobile applications for playing at BitStarz casino?
At the moment, BitStarz does not have mobile applications for both Android and iOS. Accordingly, you can't download them anywhere. If you notice on any third-party site a link to download software from BitStarz, do not take the risk and do not download this software, as it may contain malicious code. All official mobile applications appear only on the company's website.
When is the release of mobile applications for BitStarz planned?
At the time of writing, there is no information about the development and release of BitStarz mobile applications. Messages about the release of branded software may appear exclusively on the company's website.
How to play BitStarz from a smartphone if you can't download apps?
BitStarz online casino has a wonderful mobile version of the site. It is fully adapted to work on smartphones in any browser and on any operating system.