Dafabet Welcome Cashback

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Dafabet Welcome Cashback

Cashback, or the return of part of the lost funds to the client’s account, is one of the most common rewards in modern online casinos. At the same time, the vast majority of sites prefer to limit themselves to one, maximum two types of cashback. In Dafabet, everything is entirely different because here you can return a certain percentage of the loss in several different ways! How the Dafabet Welcome Cashback is calculated and what needs to be done to get the maximum amount – read our review.

Dafabet Welcome Cashback: we use it to our advantage

Dafabet Welcome cashback, as it is easy to understand by the name, is credited to newcomers who registered with a promo code and received the required gift – up to 30 thousand INR to the account.

Of course, if you wish, you can go straight to the acquaintance with the gaming hall, but we recommend you take your time and take advantage of the generous offer from Dafabet while saving the bank.

How to do it?

  1. Make an initial deposit;
  2. Find the event page in the promo section of the online casino website;
  3. Click “Play Now”;
  4. Choose a suitable game and purchase your first spin.

Any beginner who has lost at least 450 RM during the day can claim a 10% Dafabet Welcome Cashback. The choice of the game is not essential at all – you can stop at the “Aztec Treasure” from the top list, use the search by name or sort the games by the name of the provider (for example, Advantplay).

Dafabet Welcome Cashback remains relevant for the first seven days after registration. Simply put, you can limit yourself to one daily refund or plan your expenses in such a way as to receive cashback all week.

Attention: the maximum daily amount of welcome cashback is 450 RM.

Regardless of which of these options you decide to stop at, you will need to take into account the following restrictions:

  • Firstly, the company’s rules categorically prohibit multiaccounting. In other words, players cannot register more than one account if they intend to continue cooperation with Dafabet;
  • Secondly (as follows from paragraph 1), you can activate Dafabet Welcome Cashback only once, so we recommend that you estimate the size of your bank in advance.

Thirdly, each individual client of Dafabet can claim one bonus per day, so it is undesirable to combine cashback with other incentives.

  • And one more fundamentally important point. This kind of cashback involves wagering, so to get access to the gift, you will need to play it in 10 times the size in the following sections:
  • “Games”;
  • “Live dealers”;
  • “Arcade”.

At the same time, it is essential to keep in mind that in some cases, not the entire bet you have made is credited, but only a particular part of it (first of all, this applies to blackjack tables, where only 20% of the wagered funds are taken into account). In addition, the system does not count stakes placed in “Fu Fruit”, “Max Quest”, “Dozer Dragon” and all “fishing” games, except those supplied by JDB Fishing games.

Bonus funds are credited to a conditionally available account within seven hours, so take your time contacting the support if you have yet to receive instant notification of the transfer. Immediately after the wagering is completed, you can safely move on to other bonuses from Dafabet, and several dozen are on the list! Fans of sports betting, board game lovers, and those who prefer colorful slots to all other types of entertainment will undoubtedly find their options. The online casino also has its loyalty program, which consists of four levels – “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold” and “Platinum”. The further you go, the more you can get. This applies not only to cashback (which, by the way, can reach 35%) but also to several additional incentives, including invitations to exclusive events that are unavailable to beginners.

Dafabet Welcome Cashback: FAQ
How is the Dafabet Welcome Cashback credited?
How much is Dafabet Welcome Cashback?
Do you need to wager Dafabet Welcome Cashback?
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How is the Dafabet Welcome Cashback credited?
Welcome cashback is awarded to all newcomers who have lost at least 450 RM per day (the offer remains relevant during the first week after registration).
How much is Dafabet Welcome Cashback?
The cashback amount is 10% of the lost funds.
Do you need to wager Dafabet Welcome Cashback?
Yes, to get access to cashback, you will need to win it back with a mandatory x10 wager.