Dafabet Thai Lottery

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Dafabet Thai Lottery

Lotteries occupy a special place in the main menu of the Dafabet website, and not by chance, because here, players who are tired of traditional bets but have not lost their excitement most often look in. What is the reason for such popularity? Today we will tell you, on a concrete example, how the Dafabet Thai Lottery is organized and what needs to be done to participate in it.

Dafabet Thai Lottery: how to catch your luck

The Dafabet Thai Lottery is based on the lottery of the same name, which the office manages under the Government of Thailand. Draws are held twice a month – on the first and sixteenth, respectively, and you can register a ticket six days before the start of the next stage.

The player is given four basic options to choose from:

  1. A six-digit number, or “First Prize”;
  2. Two three-digit numbers, or “The first three digits”;
  3. Two three-digit numbers, or “The last Three digits”;
  4. A two-digit number, or “Two digits”.

Let’s analyze how it works by selecting the most challenging category as an example – “First Prize”.

By opening the electronic ticket form, you will see that the system offers a choice of several types of stakes – “Exact Three”, “Any three”, “Exact two”, “Any One”, BSOE (Big Small Odd Even), Lucky Animals and Fish Crimp Crab.

In the first case, you will be asked to guess the last three characters in the winning number accurately. In the second – to guess them without following the sequence (for example, if you specified the option “806”, and the number “129068” won, then this will be counted as a victory).

In “Exact two” you must guess the last two digits correctly. In “Any one” you need to determine one, and the sequence of characters, in this case, does not matter (for example, if you chose “1” and the number “405718” won, then this will be quite enough).

The last three options are more complicated, but avid punters are happy to use them to diversify the process. So, in BSOE, you can choose “More”, “Less”, “Odd” or “Even” (for example, assuming that the sum of the last three digits will be equal to “9”).

By choosing “Happy Animals”, you will also be able to bet on the final sum of the last three digits, but with variations:

Rooster Elephant Monkey Turtle Horse
0 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27

(For example, if you bet on the “Rooster”, and the sum of the last three digits of the winning combination was 15, then you will automatically be included in the list of winners).

And finally, the last option is based on a numerical pattern, where “Fish” involves tripling (for example, 111), “Shrimp” is an arbitrary combination of two identical numbers (055, 505, 550), “Crab” is a repetition of the penultimate number (600, 099, 122).

Attention: Dafabet Thai Lottery participant is free to choose combinations. The only exceptions are the so-called unique numbers (they provide for correction of coefficients and are marked in yellow) and closed numbers (they do not participate in a particular draw and are marked in red in advance).

Regardless of which category the player has chosen, before the final registration of the ticket, he will have to perform several basic steps, namely:

  • Log in (only a registered user can do this, so if you don’t have your account yet, start with its registration and don’t forget to use a unique promo code with which you can get a starting promotion of up to 30 thousand INR);
  • Open the lottery section and select Thai Lottery from the list;
  • Choose one of the four suggested options (for example, “The last three digits”);
  • Sequentially specify the desired numbers (this can be done either manually or using the search bar, as well as using the Permutation button to “shuffle” the available values);
  • Having decided on the rate sum, confirm your choice by clicking the Confirm button.


It remains to wait for the results of a particular draw, which will be published at the top of the page immediately after verifying the information.

Attention: in rare cases, the drawing may be canceled. This happens if the official results remain unavailable for a long time or are published ahead of time due to technical overlap.

The Dafabet Thai Lottery does not provide any additional restrictions. You can register tickets as often as you wish and try different combinations of numbers in search of the one that will eventually bring you luck.

Dafabet Thai Lottery: FAQ
How often is the Dafabet Thai Lottery held?
How many tickets can be issued as part of a single Dafabet Thai Lottery?
Dafabet Thai Lottery: what is Lucky Animals?
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How often is the Dafabet Thai Lottery held?
The draws are held twice a month – on the first and sixteenth of the month.
How many tickets can be issued as part of a single Dafabet Thai Lottery?
The rules of the promotion do not limit the number of tickets.
Dafabet Thai Lottery: what is Lucky Animals?
This is one of the betting options for a "First Prize" type ticket, where the participant is asked to determine the exact amount of the last three digits correctly.