Dafabet registration

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Dafabet registration

The Philippine bookmaker Dafabet was officially launched in 2004 and is currently one of the most popular gambling sites in Asia. The company offers a wide range of entertainment, sports betting, casinos and even more. However, only a player who has passed Dafabet registration can use all the services. The most basic thing about the procedure.

Dafabet registration: about Dafabet

Dafabet broke into the Central Asian market in 2004 and is still successfully working for one of the largest audiences in the world. It became possible thanks to high-quality service, a wide range of entertainment, regular tournaments, virtual sports, bright bonus programs.

Bets on the site are accepted only online, so the official website is considered the main way to communicate with BM. At the same time, you can play from a laptop and a smartphone, after downloading and installing a mobile application.

The interface of the site is quite straightforward and understandable even for beginners who first came to the page. In this case, this is an undoubted advantage: comfortable navigation through the horizontal menu, the convenience of scrolling, the obvious menu of the contact center, a separate link to the application.

Dafabet registration: authorization

The header of the main page consists of a login/register form and a menu for switching between 11 languages. It should be understood that Dafabet works mainly for an Asian audience, so there are only English, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese among the European dialects.

Just below is a navigation panel with the ability to navigate to the desired section, above are the buttons Dafabet Sigh up (login) and Dafabet registration (Join now), which we will now get acquainted with.

For those who have a profile on the site, it is enough to go through Dafabet authorization, i.e. enter login/password in the appropriate menu and confirm their desire by clicking on the Login key. After that, the authorized user will have access to his account.

The rest will have to go through Dafabet registration to become a full-fledged player and get access to all the services.

Dafabet registration: authorization

To register successfully, the user must specify the following data, divided into blocks.

Account and Contact Details:

  • username – the name used on the site;
  • password – a strong password consisting of at least 6 characters;
  • e-mail – e-mail box;
  • mobile number – contact phone number.

Basic information:

  • first name – real user name (as per your Bank account/PAN ID);
  • last name – the user’s real last name (as per your Bank account/PAN ID);
  • date of birth – date of birth (as per your Bank account/PAN ID) (Dafabet registration is possible if you have 18+);
  • currency – the currency of the balance;
  • country – the country of which the user is a resident.

At the same time, all fields are required to be filled in.

After that, you can confirm the account creation. However, the profile will not be created in case of non-compliance with the conditions of the majority (18+) or if the user represents one of the countries in which Dafabet is banned.

Dafabet registration: registration

Dafabet registration: promo code

It is worth noting that the bookmaker has an affiliate program that allows customers to count on the company’s starting bonuses. In this case, we are talking about the Dafabet Bonus Code. For the implementation of which you will need to pass Dafabet registration, and then top up your account.

In the menu for selecting the payment method (Deposit), enter the following combinations in the “Bonus code” line.

Bonus Percentage Maximum Bonus Dafabet Bonus Code
170% FDB up to INR 17,000 (USDT 220) OW50FDBJP



60% FDB up to INR 30,000 (USDT 400) DSFDB170INR

You can get acquainted with the terms of this offer in the table. But it is worth understanding that Dafabet Bonus Code works consistently: activation of the promo code for the 1st installment is its wagering, and activation of the promo code for the 2nd installment.

Confirmation of participation in the bonus program will be an ordinary click on the “Deposit” key, which will simultaneously allow you to deposit money to the balance.

Dafabet registration: promo code

Dafabet registration: verification

Let’s make a reservation in advance that Dafabet players cannot do with registration alone because this is not enough to access all the options of the site. Customers will need to complete the Dafabet registration procedure and proceed to Dafabet verification because the platform is ready to cooperate only with real bettors.

The account verification procedure itself takes place in two stages.

Stage 1. At the first stage, the player will have to fill out a profile registration form with personal data. We go to the “My Account” section of the personal account and confirm the following data.

The “Account Details” section remains almost entirely unchanged since the data to it are specified during the Dafabet registration period and are not subject to change:

  • username;
  • first name;
  • last name;
  • date of birth;
  • currency;
  • country.

At the same time, the organizer allows you to determine the gender: the Gender – male/female line.

Dafabet registration: verification

The client will not only have to fill in the data but also check them in the “Communication Details” section:

  • mobile number – the mobile phone number specified during registration. It is possible to replace it by clicking on the “Add mobile number” key, followed by checking – sending SMS by clicking on the “Verify” button;
  • language – language selection.

Section “Home Address” – specifying the parameters of the place of residence:

  • address;
  • town/city;
  • postal code.

Each line is required to be filled in, but with the possibility of subsequent changes.

Stage 2. Fixing the installed data by clicking on the “Save changes” button. After that, you can start playing.

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