Dafabet Free Golden Chips

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Dafabet Free Golden Chips

Dafabet is one of the few online casinos that offers different types of bonuses for sports betting and gamblers and fans of specific categories of games. Right now we will tell you about one of the most exciting casino rewards for beginners, Dafabet Free Golden Сhips, and give some valuable tips.

Dafabet Free Golden Chips: use with a maximum benefit

Dafabet Free Golden Chips with a welcome bonus are among the rewards that only beginners can receive. This can be considered both pros and cons because, on the one hand, the rules for its activation are elementary, but on the other hand, they require utmost care because it is enough to make a mistake in one point, and the gift will burn.

Shall we try?

You need to do the following to activate Dafabet Free Golden Chips:

  1. Fill out the registration form, sequentially specifying the user name, a rather complex original password, e-mail, mobile phone number, full name, date of birth, place of residence and currency of the account;
  2. Activate your profile and log in to the site;
  3. Find the “Casino” tab in the Promotions section, and the desired banner (the full name of the promotion sounds like Sign Up Free Golden Chips) in it;
  4. Fill out the form on the event page, specifying the user name, and then click “Subscribe”;
  5. Re-log into your account (this item is mandatory!)

Attention: The promotion is available only to bettors who have chosen THB (Thai Baht), MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) as the main currency of the account or IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).

If you followed our instructions and did not miss a single point, then Dafabet Free Golden Chips will be issued the next day.

You can use them in two games:

  • Spin a Win Live – a variation on the super-popular “Wheel of Fortune” theme. There are no additional bonuses and jackpots here, but this is not necessary – the game is famous for its simplicity and accessibility, and the accuracy of guessing determines the winnings. If you wish, you can bet on a specific number, on consecutive sectors, on color, on the last digit, on even or odd, as well as on more or less. All you need to start the game is to choose the appropriate option and pay for the session (in this case, spend a gold chip).
  • Quantum Roulette Live is not much different from traditional live roulette: you can bet on red, black and zero, even or odd and place a group bet. But there are some differences, thanks to which the game’s release has become one of the year’s main events in the online gambling market. We are talking about additional functions called “Quantum Leap” and “Quantum Boost”, with which the player can significantly increase the available multipliers.

To activate Dafabet Free Golden Chips, you must log in, go to the “Casino” section, select any game from the live category, and click on it.

Once the chips are credited to the account, go to Game Shows – Spin a Win Live/Quantum Roulette Live. Wait for the game to start and use the chips (if you wish, you can divide them between games, trying your luck alternately in each).

Even though the promotion is not a deposit, which means it does not require a pre-payment, you will still have to wager the funds received. In this case, the organizers have provided a quite feasible x10 wager: so, for example, if you won 100 EUR in equivalent in Spin a Win Live and/or Quantum Roulette Live, you need to additionally put 1000 EUR in any of the games in the Casino section to transfer this amount to the main balance.

Dafabet Free Golden Chips: FAQ
What is Dafabet Free Golden Chips?
How many times can you activate Dafabet Free Golden Chips?
What is the size of the Dafabet Free Golden Chips bonus?

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What is Dafabet Free Golden Chips?
This is one of the one-time casino bonuses addressed to beginners.
How many times can you activate Dafabet Free Golden Chips?
You can activate and receive encouragement only once.
What is the size of the Dafabet Free Golden Chips bonus?
The maximum bonus for playing Spin a Win Live and Quantum Roulette Live is 50 RM.