Booi Rebate

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Booi Rebate

Booi Casino does not get tired of delighting its regular customers with new gifts. They are offered the Booi Rebate program this time, which will allow them to return with the money part of the amount spent on betting in the gaming section. The result of a particular scroll does not matter – only your game status.

Booi Rebate: from registration to receiving a percentage of the bets made

Like many modern online casinos, Booi practices a system of accrual of gaming statuses. The higher your position in the loyalty program, the more opportunities will be open to you, and Booi Rebate is one of them.

How does it work?

The program provides five stages:

  • «Wooden Lemur»;
  • «Silver Eagle»;
  • «Golden Alligator»;
  • «Platinum Elephant»;
  • «Diamond Lion».

The initial status is assigned to the player immediately after the registration is completed. The “Wooden Lemur” stage already provides some small advantages (in particular, a regular cashback of 4 percent), but all the fun begins at later stages. So, for example, if you have grown up to the “Golden Alligator”, then the cashback will already be 5%, and in addition, the online casino will provide you with access to special promotions that are closed to beginners.

Attention: after registering with the isport promo code, you will be able to receive a starting promotion – fifty free spins + a bonus for the first five deposits.

What does Booi Rebate have to do with the loyalty program? The most direct, because as you move from step to step, the odd of mandatory pays will also grow:

The status the player has achieved Odd which is credited automatically
Wooden Lemur 1,00
Silver Eagle 1,00
Golden Alligator 1,05
Platinum Elephant 1,10
Diamond Lion 1,15

How is Booi Rebate calculated?

The first thing to consider is the category of the game that you have chosen to place a bet. So, in particular:

  • For board games and live games, the odd is 0.2;
  • For all others – 1.

Thus, when calculating Booi Rebate, not only the status odd is taken into account, but also the odd of a particular game. The formula by which the final percentage of pays is determined is as follows:

The total amount of funds spent on bets at the Booi casino * games odd * status odd achieved by the player / 850

Booi Rebate: from registration to receiving a percentage of the bets made

Let’s analyze an example.

Let’s say you are the owner of a dollar account and put 500 USD in the gaming section. If at the same time your status corresponds to the “Silver Eagle” stage, then Booi Rebate will be:

500 * 1 * 1,00 /850 = 0,59 USD

Attention: only those stakes that were made for real (not bonus) funds are taken into account when calculating the amount of Booi Rebate.

The minimum that can be requested for withdrawal is 1 USD. As it is easy to guess, the more you have managed to place, the higher the final percentage will be. It means that the more funds you will be able to return.

Another important feature of Booi Rebate is that this type of promon does not require wagering. Nevertheless, it can be requested strictly once every seven days, although the time of day does not play any role.

If you have created an account recently and have just joined the loyalty program, then the percentage starts automatically. In the future, it will be calculated starting from the moment of each last withdrawal (for example, if you withdrew the accumulated percentage on March 25, then you can make the next request on April 1, etc.).

Booi Rebate: FAQ
How do you subscribe to Booi Rebate?
How is Booi Rebate calculated?
Is it possible to get Booi Rebate multiple times?
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How do you subscribe to Booi Rebate?
It is enough to register and activate an account to get a certain percentage of pays for rates. Initial status ("Tree Lemur") is assigned to the client automatically.
How is Booi Rebate calculated?
The percentage of pays is calculated according to the formula "The amount of bets made * odd of the game * odd of the status / 850".
Is it possible to get Booi Rebate multiple times?
Yes. The program operates on an ongoing basis, and the percentage of pays increases as the player's status improves. Therefore, you can get significantly more at the Diamond Lion level than remaining as a "Wooden Lemur".