Booi casino Double Success

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Booi casino Double Success - Get lucky and get €1 000 000

What is success? There is no clear definition. There is an opinion that in society there are certain standards of success, but this is not entirely true. In this case, success is the achievement of the set goal, which is the main one for every person. In striving for the top, we all want to be successful. What does success mean for a bettor? Maybe a good bet? Good odds? Booi casino considers that the answer to this question lies in the Booi casino Double Success. Get lucky and get €1 000 000!

Booi casino Double Success - What does success mean for a bettor
Booi casino Double Success – What does success mean for a bettor

Booi casino Double Success: casino terms and conditions

From article to article, our team does not change anything. We also start our Booi casino Double Success with the rules. Why is it important to follow them? Because there is a possibility of being disqualified for ignoring them. Our site always tries to prevent this.

  1. To register, you need to come up with a unique login that is not yet registered on the site, as well as a password and email address. Another good solution would be to enter a special Booi casino promo code for an additional gift from the company.
  2. The promo is running from 09.02.2022 to 09.03.2023.
  3. The lowest stake is €0.5.
  4. Only real money. Bonus wallets will not be able to help you with Booi casino Follow the legends.
  5. 1 stage.

€1,000,000 is a very impressive amount, isn’t it? How to be? It was decided to divide this amount between participants and daily prizes. For more clarity, place the table below.

Position Prize
1 10 000 euro
2 5 000 euro
3 2 000 euro
4-10 1 000 euro
11-20 500 euro
21-50 200 euro
51-100 100 euro
101-250 50 euro
251-450 20 euro
451-1500 10 euro

Booi casino Double Success: stage

Booi casino Double Success - The main stage of the promo
Booi casino Double Success – The main stage of the promo

It’s good that now you don’t have to think about when this or that stage will end. There is only one Booi casino Double Success stage, but it is divided into 4 weeks.

Week 1: 09.02.2022 – 16.02.2022

Week 2: 16.02.2022 – 23.02.2022

Week 3: 23.02.2022 – 02.03.2022

Week 4: 02.03.2022 – 09.03.2022

Where to get a million?

  • Gold Party. The leprechaun is most like a statue with his weird smile on the left and the tree of life and unicorn symbols.
  • Rock Vegas. Get between 12.5x and 37.5x your stake if you get five premium symbols on a payline and the caveman is the top tier symbol – followed by the saber-toothed tiger and the dinosaur.
  • Super X. For players, there are also three great features that hide rewards. Free spins, ante bet and X bet re-spin.
  • The Dog House. This game is very fun and interesting to play. You can take part in an exciting gameplay, as well as get a solid amount of money for it and exciting additional features. This slot has 5 reel rows, 3 rows and 20 paylines. In addition, it has special symbols and free spins.
Booi casino Double Success - Cash Elevator
Booi casino Double Success – Cash Elevator
  • Cash Elevator. This slot combines the beauty of steampunk with the luxury of mid-20th century American fashion. And this is doubly pleasant – because the higher you climb the stairs, the more money you receive.
  • The Hand of Midas. You have to get acquainted with the story of King Midas. This character of the ancient Greek myth, the ruler, who could turn everything around him into gold. No less dynamic gameplay with a number of exciting bonus tasks will captivate your attention for a long time.

Unfortunately, we were unable to accommodate all available Booi casino Double Success games. But you have the opportunity to go to the Booi casino website and see the full list.

Booi casino Double Success: FAQ

Whay is a minimum deposit in Booi casino Double Success?

The minimum deposit is 0.5 EUR.

How many stages are in Booi casino Double Success?

There is only one Booi casino Double Success stage, but it is divided into 4 weeks.

When does Booi casino Double Success end?

The Booi casino Double Success is running: 09.02.2022 - 09.03.2023.

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