Bonus on an express at 1win

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Bonus on an express at 1win

Are you fond of express betting? Do you want to receive additional money in addition to the total winnings? Then take part in an unlimited promotion called Bonus on an express at 1win. Each registered client of the company can form his own express under special conditions, and in case of winning, he will receive up to 15% of additional funds from net profit. Learn the basic rules and conditions of the promotion in the article.

Bonus on an express at 1win: company opportunities

1win is an international betting company that appeared on the gaming market in 2016. Even though the bookmaker’s work is focused on the Russian-speaking audience, the official website is available in 18 language versions (including Indian). 1win is a certified platform, and the activity of the office is carried out under the license of Curacao.

The 1win website works in 2 versions: full for computers and mobile for smartphones. In addition, for a more comfortable game, the organizers of the bookmaker office have developed a special application for PCs with Windows operating system, as well as a mobile application for owners of smartphones with Android and IOS.

You can buy bets on the 1win website both for virtual currency and real money. Each client of the company has the right to register sports betting in the Sports section, try their luck in live games in the Casino section, play popular table games, and also spend time at modern slot machines.

On a regular basis, various tournaments are held on the 1win website, profitable promotions and other bonus offers are organized. Of course, all this is done to diversify customers’ games and increase their chances of winning gambling. If you are just deciding to create a gaming account on the 1win website, then we advise you to read the article 1win promo code. There you will learn how to get a welcome 500% bonus to your account for registration.

Well, if you are a fan of sports betting, then read this article carefully. On the official website of the famous gambling company, there is a special offer called the Bonus on an express at 1win. The promotion is open-ended relevant only for the Sports section.

Bonus on an express at 1win: company opportunities

Bonus on an express at 1win: rules

Indeed, most gambling players who enjoy sports betting know what an express bet is. Express is a combined bet consisting of at least 2 single events (different matches). The essence of the express is that if at least one of the forecasts loses, then the entire express bet loses.

As for the total odds in the express, here they are formed as a result of multiplying all single odds (let’s say we take 2 outcomes with x1,7 and x2,0 – then the total odds will be 3.4). Of course, the gain becomes much higher, but the risks of losing also increase.

Especially for fans of express bets, 1win has launched a promotion Bonus on an express at 1win. Every willing player will be able to take part in the promotion. The main rule is to form an express bet from at least 5 different events. Every single bet must be registered with the odds of 1.3 or higher.

If such an express is positive, in addition to net profit, the client receives an additional percentage of the winning amount. The percentage increases depending on the number of bets in the express:

  • 5 events – 7%;
  • 6 events – 8%;
  • 7 events – 9%;
  • 8 events – 10%;
  • 9 events – 11%;
  • 10 events – 12%;
  • 11 or more events – 15%.

To make it clearer how much additional funds the participant of the promotion Bonus on an express at 1win will receive, let’s give a simple example:

Let’s say you have formed an express from 6 different events:

  1. Outcome: Jamshedpur – Odisha (football). Match result: Jamshedpur (victory for x1,5);
  2. Outcome: Hyderabad – Mumbai City (soccer). Match result: draw for x1,8;
  3. Outcome: Red Bull Salzburg – Napoli (soccer). Match result: Napoli (win or draw for x1,55);
  4. Outcome: Bahrain – India (Volleyball). Match result: India won (exact score 2:3 for x10,2);
  5. Exodus: Telangana – Pondicherry (basketball). Match result: Telangana (victory for x1,6);
  6. Outcome: Arminia – Augsburg (football). Match result: draw for x1,9.

The total odds of the express – x129.8 (it turns out to be a perfect coefficient). Naturally, this is just an example, and you can choose a much smaller multiplier. For example, you bet 100 USD on such an express. Your prediction comes true, and you win 12,980 USD. The net winning is 12,880 (minus 100 USD).

According to the promotion rules of the Bonus on an express at 1win, for such an express, the client also receives a sum of money in the form of 8% of the net winnings (1,030 USD). The final payment will be: 12 880 + 100 + 1 030 = 14 010 USD. As you can see, the rules are simple. Carefully choose single matches and form your express from them. Good luck and big wins on the 1win website!

Bonus on an express at 1win FAQ:

Who can get a Bonus on an express at 1win?

All registered bookmaker players can claim an additional bonus.

What is the maximum percentage that goes to the client for a successful express?

In the promotion Bonus on an express at 1win, the maximum you can get is 15% of net profit.

What is the duration of the promotion Bonus on an express at 1win?

This promotion is open-ended; you can take part in it at any time.

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