Bet Insurance in Betwinner

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Bet Insurance in Betwinner

Have you been looking at an attractive, but potentially very risky bet option for several minutes? Put aside doubts and have fun playing with the option Bet Insurance in Betwinner, which allows you to save money in case of loss. We tell you how to activate the promotion and also show by examples how insurance works.

Bet Insurance in Betwinner: the essence of the option

Sports betting is an interesting activity and, with the right approach, profitable. However, getting closer to the goal in small steps, following a winning strategy, but not bringing a large income, sometimes gets boring. Everyone wants excitement, risk, and a pair of bets with high odds! To turn what you want into reality while avoiding losses, we recommend using the option Bet Insurance in Betwinner.

What is the peculiarity of the proposed option? Bet Insurance in Betwinner allows you to insure from 10% to 100% of the bet amount. If the bet loses, the bookmaker will return the funds to the user’s main gaming account. If the bet wins, the calculation will be made in a standard way.

How Bet Insurance in Betwinner works

The ability to save the funds placed in case of loss will be relevant both for beginners in sports betting and for experienced users who want to make a risky bet. Before using the option Bet Insurance in Betwinner, you should pay attention to a few nuances:

  1. Only the company’s clients with completed gaming profiles and verified contact details (phone number and email) can use the bet insurance function. If the account has not been created yet, the Betwinner registration article will help solve this issue. We also recommend reading the article Betwinner Promo Code, in which we told you how to get an increased welcome bonus using the ISPORTIN code during registration.
  2. Bet Insurance is a paid service, the cost of which depends on the current coefficient of the insured event.
  3. The user can insure both the entire bet and its part. Moreover, the player can use the option several times for one event.
  4. The function applies only to accumulator and single bets.
  5. After activating the insurance, the “Sell coupon” option will be unavailable.

So, the key components of Bet Insurance in Betwinner have been sorted out. Now is the time to see how the option works in practice. To do this, we suggest reading the examples below.

Example of using 100% Bet Insurance in Betwinner

Suppose a bettor bets 100 EUR on a cricket match with odds of 1.8 and wants to fully insure the bet amount. The bookmaker estimates the probability of the bet winning and offers the player an insurance amount of 40 EUR.

Pay attention! The amount of insurance for example is taken by chance. There is no formula for calculating the ratio of the bet parameters and the amount for activating the option in the public domain.

The player agrees to the proposed conditions, after which 40 EUR is debited from his account. Then there are three options for the development of events:

  1. The bet wins. In this case, the player receives a prize of 180 EUR, and the amount spent on insurance will not be compensated.
  2. The bet does not win. In such a situation, the bet amount is returned to the user’s gaming account – 100 EUR, since the user previously paid 100% Bet Insurance in Betwinner.
  3. The bet is calculated by a refund. If the bet is calculated with a coefficient of 1, the amount placed by the player (100 EUR), as well as the insurance paid earlier (40 EUR), will be returned to the balance.

Thus, using the option offered by the company, the player gets the opportunity to always profit.

Bet Insurance in Betwinner: an example of partial bet insurance

As mentioned earlier, the player does not have to insure the entire bet in its entirety – the option can be used several times for one bet. As an example, let’s take the same prediction for 100 EUR and a coefficient of 1.8.

Let’s assume that at first, the player decides to insure only 10% of the bet amount. The bookmaker offers an amount of 5 EUR as payment for the service. The user agrees, as a result of which 5 EUR are debited from his account.

Further, the risk of losing a bet increases, as a result of which the bettor wants to insure another 40% of the bet. It is worth noting that the amount of the service will not necessarily be 20 EUR (taking into account the logic that 10% cost 5 EUR), because the higher the risk, the more expensive the insurance. Suppose that Betwinner asks for 25 EUR as payment for the service.

Pay attention! In total, the number of purchased insurance cannot exceed 100% of the rate.

So, according to our example, the player insured 50% of his bet. Then again there may be three possible scenarios:

  1. The bet wins. In this case, the user receives his honestly earned 180 EUR, while the 30 EUR spent on Bet Insurance in Betwinner is burned.
  2. The bet loses. In this situation, 50% of the insured bet amount – 50 EUR – is returned to the user’s account. The second part (50 EUR) is considered lost.
  3. The bet is calculated by a refund. If the bet is calculated with a coefficient of 1, the bet amount (100 EUR) will be returned to the balance, as well as all insurance money (30 EUR).

Thus, even though Bet Insurance in Betwinner is a paid service, the player still profits, and also gets the opportunity not only to save the funds placed, but also to earn as much money as possible from interesting and risky bets.

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