All-in Race GGPoker

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All-in Race GGPoker

Online poker room GGPoker daily draws a huge number of cash prizes in a variety of promotions. Those who like to play AoF Hold’em, Omaha or Sit&Go get a chance to participate in the $25,000 raffle every day! You need to play actively, accumulate points and bypass other players by this indicator. We tell you the detailed conditions of the All-in Race GGPoker promotion.

What is the essence of the All-in Race GGPoker promotion and what prizes can be won

This offer is a tournament – that is, it is not enough to play and hope for luck to win. You also need to score more points than what other participants scored and take a high position in the leaderboard, the prize table.

In total, three reward tables are formed every day in this promotion – for AoF Hold’em, Omaha and Sit&Go (Hold’em and Omaha). They look like this:

The table of prizes for playing AoF Hold’em – the total sum of the prize fund is $ 20,811. Prizes are paid in C$.

Stakes Daily Prize Up To
10/20 dollars 8 250 dollars 25
5/10 dollars 5 350 dollars 40
2/4 dollars 3 120 dollars 60
1/2 dollars 1 855 dollars 80
0.5/ 1 dollars 1 068 dollars 80
0.25/0.5 dollars 530 dollars 90
0.1/0.25 dollars 288 dollars 90
0.05/0.1 dollars 260 dollars 200

The prize table for the AoF Omaha game – the total prize pool is $ 3,052. Prizes are paid in C$.

Strakes Daily Prize Up To
5/10 dollars 1 490 dollars 10
2/4 dollars 625 dollars 13
1/2 dollars 446 dollars 20
0.5/ 1 dollars 251 dollars 25
0.2/0.4 dollars 138 dollars 30
0.1/0.2 dollars 102 dollars 50

The table of prizes for playing AoF Sit&Go – the total amount of the prize fund is $ 1,140. Prizes are paid with tickets to play AoF Sit&Go.

Stakes Daily Prize Up To
10 dollars 720 dollars 20
3 dollars 318 dollars 50
0.5 dollars 102 dollars 70

So, every GGPoker bettor can participate in three tournaments every day and earn several hundred dollars for an active game.

How to become a participant of the promo and win

You need to earn points to win in the All-in Race GGPoker promotion. There are only two simple conditions for their accrual:

  • 1 point is awarded to the player for each hand played that has reached the showdown.
  • Points are awarded only when playing AoF at a table where there are at least 3 active clients.
  • VIP table bettors cannot participate in the promotion.
  • During the Happy Hours (from 22:00 to 23.59 UTC -8), points are awarded to players with an odd of 1.5.

So, the algorithm for participating in the All-In Race promotion looks like this:

  1. Select the AoF game where you want to participate.
  2. Play in the All-In format.
  3. Get points for each hand and take a place in one of the three leaderboards!

The All-in Race GGPoker promotion is available to all players of the GGPoker website. If you haven’t registered yet, use the win777  GGpoker promo code to get $600 as a welcome bonus.

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