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1xBit Toto

Toto, or the sweepstake, may not be the most famous of the sections of the 1xBit site, but its growing popularity speaks for itself. Firstly, here you can always make a bet that you will not find on the main page – for example, “blind”. Secondly, even if you are not too well versed in a particular discipline, you can always rely on hints. And finally, there is always a chance to compete for a big jackpot in 1xBit Toto!

1xBit Toto: we issue the coupon correctly

By opening the 1xBit Toto section, you will see seven standard options for betting:

  1. Tag;
  2. TS (exact score);
  3. Football;
  4. Hockey;
  5. Basketball;
  6. Cyber Football;
  7. Toto.

What is the difference?

First of all, in the “floating” amount of winnings. When making a bet in the toto section, you cannot know in advance how much you will receive if the coupon is recognized as the winner.

Let’s analyze how it works, using the example of 1xBit Toto Tag – a coupon of fifteen events. Unlike express betting, there are only three possible outcomes for each: H (victory of the first team), D (draw) and A (victory of the second team). Probabilistic percentages are published next to each of them for the convenience of the players.

It is not necessary to take them into account, since, if desired, the participant can choose several outcomes at once, paying extra money. I is enough to guess at least nine outcomes, which also distinguishes the toto coupon from the express, which wins only if all the outcomes were determined correctly.

The Tag prize pool is formed at the coupon registration stage. Its size is determined not by the BM, but by the participants themselves. The more people join a particular draw, the more each of them will be able to win in the end:

  • 10% of the prize pool is distributed among the participants who guessed 15, 14, 13, 12 and 11 outcomes;
  • 18% is divided between those who were able to correctly identify 10 outcomes;
  • And finally, 32% is distributed among those who guessed 9 outcomes out of 15.

In addition, there is always a chance to hit the jackpot in the Tag, which is consistently formed from the unplayed funds of previous draws. So, for example, if no one managed to guess fifteen outcomes, then 10% of the prize pool goes to the account of the future jackpot, which will grow until one of the participants conquers this peak.

The remaining variants of 1xBit Toto differ from each other either by a set of outcomes (for example, in the Exact score their number may exceed two dozen) or by lists of matches. In general, the organizers try to find a balance between the matches of popular and minor leagues, but be prepared for the fact that sometimes you can find a match of teams in the coupon, the very names of which will not tell you anything.

And one more important nuance. In the 1xBit Toto section, you can issue a coupon in several ways, each of which has its own advantages. The first is a standard stake, for which you choose the outcomes yourself, relying on knowledge of a particular discipline and intuition. The second is the so–called package rate, which includes several coupons registered within a specific circulation. And finally, method №3 is a blind bet, when making which you trust the choice of outcomes to the system, indicating only the amount you are willing to spend on a coupon.

Finally, we note that only registered 1xBit customers can place stakes in the Toto section. If you are at the stage of creating an account, do not forget to request a gift for beginners using the ISPORT promo code – you can get up to 7 BTC to your account with it!

1xBit Тото: FAQ
How much can you win in 1xBit Toto?
Is it possible to issue several coupons in 1xBit Toto at the same time?
What is a blind bet in 1xBit Toto?

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How much can you win in 1xBit Toto?
The amount of possible winnings depends on the specific draw. In addition, the player can additionally hit the jackpot in the Tag.
Is it possible to issue several coupons in 1xBit Toto at the same time?
Yes, if you wish, you can specify several outcomes for one event or issue two or more coupons (for example, for an exact score and hockey).
What is a blind bet in 1xBit Toto?
A blind bet involves autofill of the coupon without the direct participation of the player.