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1xbet CS GО Katowice - Win prizes from 1xBet

There are hundreds of tournaments in esports that are hosted in a wide variety of video games. Esports competitions are held in games of different type, such as shooter, strategy, fighting game, sports simulation, racing or other types of sports games. For those who did not know, almost every bookmaker has bets on CS GO eSports. The series itself is its founder and its essence. In order to play CS:GO, players have access to five game modes: Competitive, Casual, Deathmatch, Wingman, War Games. A team must win 16 rounds to win. One such bookmaker is 1xbet. And they decided to dedicate a new promo to a popular tournament among esportsmen. Win prizes from 1xBet in 1xbet CS GO Katowice.

1xbet CS GО Katowice - Updated terms and conditions of promo
1xbet CS GО Katowice – Updated terms and conditions of promo

1xbet CS GO Katowice: updated terms and conditions of promo

As a standard, we talk about all the nuances and details of 1xbet CS GO Katowice in this section. Basically, only desire is not enough to achieve great results. Many criteria must be met. In our case, these are, of course, the rules of participation.

  1. This offer is available from 10.02.2022 to 01.03.2022.
  2. 221 INR = 1
  3. Depending on the number of purchased tickets, the chances of winning the prize draw increase.
  4. Customers must be aged 18.
  5. Single bets of at least 221 INR at odds of 1.6.
  6. Accumulator bets of at least 221 INR at odds of 1.3.
  7. Additional prizes will be available after activation of the 1xbet promo code.

We tried to tell you all the most basic rules. If you have any questions, you can go to the 1xbet official website of the 1xbet CS GO Katowice or write to our support team.

1xbet CS GO Katowice: extended prize list

1xbet CS GО Katowice - The list is equipped with different skins
1xbet CS GО Katowice – The list is equipped with different skins
  1.  AWP Dragon Lore – 1 available
  2. Karambit Case Hardened – 2
  3. AK-47 Fire Serpent – 2
  4. AWP Lightning Strike – 3
  5. M4A1-S Blue Phosphor – 3
  6. Shadow Daggers Doppler Phase 3 – 5
  7. Desert Eagle Printstream – 5
  8. AK-47 Bloodsport – 10
  9. AWP Wildfire – 10
  10. Apple iPhone 13 Pro – 5
  11. Apple MacBook Pro 13” – 3
  12. 221 INR promo code – 400

If you look at the entire list of prizes, you can see that it is mainly equipped with different skins. The main purpose of skins is to replace the appearance of a weapon with a newer one that differs from the standard one. For example, we can cite a standard AWP, which in turn has the same parameters as one of the most expensive skins – AWP Dragon Lore, the price of which can reach two thousand dollars. But, first of all, this is due to the fact that all these skins dilute the game with colors, making it look fresh.

If suddenly luxurious skins do not interest you, then new gadgets will definitely attract you.

Gather your high-priced collection with 1xbet CS GO Katowice.

1xbet CS GО Katowice: FAQ

How many prizes does the 1xbet CS GО Katowice provide?

There are about 12 points in the 1xbet CS GО Katowice.

What is the lowest stake in 1xbet CS GО Katowice?

221 INR

What are the main conditions in 1xbet CS GО Katowice?

The key points of 1xbet CS GО Katowice we've describe in our atricle. Please, read attentively to get all the necessary information.

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