WNBA cashback in Dafabet

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WNBA cashback in Dafabet

Do you like to bet on basketball in trusted bookmakers like Dafabet? While in many Asian and European club basketball championships the offseason, in the world’s leading league — the WNBA — the most interesting begins. The regular season ends on August 14 and the first playoff matches start in a few days. It’s time to place bets and get WNBA cashback in Dafabet up to 9.88% (the maximum bonus amount is 428 RM). We will tell you about this action in more detail.

WNBA cashback in Dafabet: what is interesting about the league?

The WNBA is considered the strongest and most prestigious club league in the world of women’s basketball. All talented girls who train in sections in this discipline dream of playing here. The first season in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the strongest men was played shortly after World War II, in 1946. The same league for women was created only 50 years later — in 1996. Basketball fans still follow the NBA more, but there is also a decent proportion of fans in the women’s version of the league. Perhaps the WNBA cashback in Dafabet will become an additional motivation to watch TV broadcasts of women’s matches even more often?

The Indian women’s basketball team updated a record figure in the ranking in 2022, rising to 58th place in the FIBA ranking. The national team’s head coach is a foreign specialist — Zoran Višić from Serbia. Perhaps the India national team will be able to get to the World Cup in a few years?

At the last Basketball World Cup, held in 2018, three teams from Asia reached the playoffs. It should be noted that among them was the Australian team, whose federation belongs to the Asian region in basketball, although this country is from another continent. As a result, the Australians won silver medals. From geographically Asian countries, Chinese women became the best, who finished the fight in the 1/4 finals. The USA team turned out to be the winners of the World Cup, almost all the players of this team play in the WNBA. When betting and trying to get WNBA cashback in Dafabet, you will see top basketball players in the game, of which there are not so many in Asia yet.

WNBA cashback in Dafabet: general information

Create an account in a bookmaker in order to get WNBA cashback in Dafabet. Then register on the promotion page to get the VIP Bronze level. Dafabet provides the opportunity to watch WNBA video broadcasts directly on the gaming platform. Let’s note the main conditions for receiving cashback after betting on basketball matches in the world’s leading league:

  • You can bet on matches before they start, as well as in live mode.
  • In order for bets to be credited to the WNBA cashback in Dafabet, their odd must be 1.5 or higher.

By fulfilling these conditions, you can count on receiving cashback every Monday. The cashback percentage depends on the client’s level within the promotion, and the amount depends on the sum of funds lost over the past week. The maximum bonus amount for players of the highest statuses is RM 428. Detailed information is provided in the table below:

Player Status Cashback percentage


Maximum bonus amount
VIP Bronze 7,88% RM 218
VIP Silver 8,88% RM 348
VIP Gold  и VIP Platinum 9,88% RM 428

Having received WNBA cashback in Dafabet, you will not be able to count on other bonuses until you wager it.

WNBA cashback in Dafabet: how to wager

To transfer money from the bonus account to the main one after receiving the WNBA cashback in Dafabet, you need to scroll them with the rollover x1. When wagering, you can place bets both before the match and in live mode. It is only essential to consider that bets on Jackpot bet and Virtuals, as well as returned, cashed and canceled bets will not be counted. There is no information on how quickly you need to scroll the bonus amount on the promotion page.

However, it is important to know that until you win back the current bonus after receiving the WNBA cashback in Dafabet, you will not be able to claim the next gift as part of this promotion. So we advise you not to delay by completing the last task before receiving the bonus.

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