War of Gods in JVspin

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War of Gods in JVspin

Have you already had time to relax, go on vacation, spend time with friends and now you can’t think of something to do for the last summer month? How about taking part in the War of Gods in JVspin tournament? Divine Entertainment starts on August 12 and will last until August 22, 2022. During the event, the top 15 participants can share the prize pool of 3,000 euros, receiving from 50 to 900 euros as a personal prize. We tell you how to take part in the action and win.

War of Gods in JVspin: tournament prize pool

If interest in online casinos disappears, participation in tournaments can warm up the excitement. Events of this type imply rivalry with other users and the rotation of bright novelties in the gambling industry. According to the results of the promotions, the best users receive cash prizes, which, as a rule, go directly to the main game balance.

The new War of Gods in JVspin tournament will be held from August 12 to 22. During the divine battles, the participants of the event will receive a drawing of 3,000 euros. As always, anyone can claim prizes (the main thing is to go to JVspin registration if the account was not created earlier), but only 15 leaders will be able to receive money.

How does the selection of winners take place? During the tournament, participants will receive points depending on the winnings earned during the rotation of promotional slots. The bettors with the highest results will be awarded cash following the occupied place.

Place Prizes
1 place 900 EUR
2 place 550 EUR
3 place 400 EUR
4 place 300 EUR
5 – 10 place 100 EUR
11 – 15 place 50 EUR

How to participate in the War of Gods in JVspin tournament, get on the leaderboard and take one of the prize positions? Let’s tell you now!

War of Gods in JVspin: terms of participation in the promotion

Casino tournaments are always characterized by elementary conditions and the War of Gods in JVspin event was no exception to the rules. Users do not need to follow many rules to qualify for cash prizes. It is enough to comply with only three requirements:

  1. Have an account. Unfortunately, without a profile, games for real money on the company’s website and in the application (we talked about how to download JVspin to a smartphone earlier) are not available. But fortunately, you can open an account at the time of the tournament, in the process getting a bonus head start. What are we talking about? Enter the JVspin promo code isport in the registration form and receive some rewards (from no deposit free spins to deposit bonuses) as a gift.
  2. Activate the promotion. The user must activate the tournament to start gaining points in promotional slots. Open the War of Gods in JVspin promotion page and click on the “Take Part” button.
  3. Rotate slots. Each winning spin is an opportunity to receive an additional monetary reward.

Three qualifying games take part in the promotion:

  • Seth vs Horus;
  • Reel Reel Hot;
  • Hot fruits on fire.

One hundred points will be credited to the user for every 1 euro of winnings in the above slots. The points will be summed up and displayed in the leaderboard – the more of them, the higher the position.

The gambling platform will summarize the results of the action within 72 hours after its end. The players who scored the most points (who took the first 15 positions) will receive well-deserved prizes. There is no need to wager the куцфкв. The company will transfer it to the main balance.

The promotion is valid from August 12 to 22, 2022.

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