VIP Cashback in JVspin

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VIP Cashback in JVspin

VIP Cashback in JVspin is an 8–level loyalty program that allows active players to return a substantial part of the funds spent on the game. In this article, we will tell you in detail about each VIP status, consider the principle of accrual of the reward, and also provide examples of how to use the bonus received.

VIP Cashback in JVspin: loyalty program levels

Online casino JVspin is known to fans of gambling from around the world. The platform has a solid catalog of entertainment, cooperates with many payment systems, regularly launches tournaments with large prize funds, and spoils users with bonuses. Special attention in the company’s promotional system is paid to active players.

VIP Cashback in JVspin is an online casino loyalty program that allows you to return part of the expenses based on the results of user activity in the form of cash.

At the initial levels of the loyalty program, only losing bets are taken into account when returning, at higher levels, all user activity is counted.

Level Experience Experience coefficient Cashback Terms of receipt
Copper 0 100 5% every 7 days
Bronze 300 000 150 6% every 6 days
Silver 1 000 000 200 7% every 5 days
Gold 2 000 000 250 8% every 4 days
Ruby 5 000 000 300 9% every 3 days
Sapphire 15 000 000 350 10% every 2 days
Diamond 25 000 000 400 11% daily
VIP status 75 000 000 450 0,05% – 0,25% daily

The table above provides all relevant information about VIP Cashback in JVspin. Later in the article, we will tell you in more detail about each item, as well as step by step analyze the system of accrual of the reward.

VIP Cashback in JVspin: loyalty program levels

VIP Cashback in JVspin: calculation structure

It’s time to analyze the table data and understand how VIP Cashback in JVspin works. Let’s start with the points and experience coefficient, which play a key role in the bonus accrual.

  1. Experience points are a parameter that shows what activity a player needs to show in order to reach a certain level in the online casino loyalty program.
  2. The experience coefficient is a parameter that affects the calculation of experience points at a particular level of the loyalty program.

Experience points are awarded for every 1 EUR of bets placed for real money on the site (except for the Games section). The number of points received directly depends on the experience coefficient, which varies depending on the user’s level:

  • Copper: 100 experience points for 1 EUR of bets;
  • Bronze: 150 experience points for 1 EUR of bets;
  • Silver: 200 experience points for 1 EUR of bets;
  • Gold: 250 experience points for 1 EUR of bets;
  • Ruby: 300 experience points for 1 EUR of bets;
  • Sapphire: 350 experience points for 1 EUR of bets;
  • Diamond: 400 experience points for 1 EUR of bets;
  • VIP status: 450 experience points for 1 EUR of bets.

As promised, we give examples of calculating loyalty program points of VIP Cashback in JVspin in practice.

Suppose the player has just gone through the JVspin registration and verified the phone number and email (for these actions, the user is immediately awarded the status of “Copper”). Then they put down 50 EUR on the site. The calculation of experience points will be as follows:

50 (the amount of bets) x 100 (the experience coefficient for the status of “Copper”) = 5,000 experience points

As soon as a player gains 300,000 experience points, he will be awarded the status of “Bronze”, having a higher experience coefficient – 150. In this case, 50 EUR of bets made for real money will bring the player not 5,000 experience points, but 7,500:

50 (the amount of bets) x 150 (the experience coefficient for the “Bronze” status) = 7,500 experience points

Having dealt with the points, it’s time to move on to the percentage of the VIP Cashback in JVspin. When calculating the refund of funds spent on the online casino website, the system pays attention to the level of the player in the loyalty program. So, for level 1-7 holders (from “Copper” to “Bronze”), cashback is calculated according to the following formula:

(the amount of bets for the period from the last cashback accrual to the present – the amount of winnings for the same period) x the percentage of cashback for the player’s level

At the same time, the amount of the calculated VIP Cashback in JVspin cannot be negative – i.e. if the player beats the casino, the bonus will not be credited.

As an example, let’s assume that a player of the “Bronze” level put down 500 EUR on the platform while winning only 250 EUR. In this case, his cashback will be:

(500 (the amount of bets) – 250 (the amount of winnings) x 6% (the percentage of cashback for the “Bronze” level) = 15 EUR (cashback).

If a player of the “Bronze” level makes bets on the site for 500 EUR and wins 1,500 EUR, thereby beating an online casino, the situation will be as follows:

(500 (amount of bets) – 1,500 (amount of winnings)) x 6% (percentage of cashback for the “Bronze” level) = -50 EUR

Based on the formula, VIP Cashback in JVspin turns out to be negative, respectively, the bonus will not be credited to the user.

At Level 8 (VIP Status) VIP Cashback in JVspin is credited differently – each bet is indicated during the calculation, regardless of whether it won or lost. In addition, the calculation takes into account the category of the game.

Game Category Cashback percentage
Slots 0,25%
Live casino 0,1%
Table games, as well as games from the category “Other” 0,05%

Again, let’s go back to the example of charging VIP Cashback in JVspin for users with the status of “VIP”. Suppose a player places bets in slots for 1,500 EUR and games with real dealers for 1,000 EUR. The calculation formula, in this case, will look like this:

1,500 (the amount of bets in slots) x 0.25% (the percentage of cashback for the “Slots” category) + 1,000 (the amount of bets in Live casino) x 0.1% (the percentage of cashback for the “Live casino” category) = 4,75 EUR cashback.

In addition, several games on the site are excluded from the calculation of the bonus under the loyalty program. The current list can be found on the official website or in the mobile application of the company (we will remind you how to download JVspin to your phone, we told you earlier).

How to get VIP Cashback in JVspin

It’s time to move on to the final and most interesting part – getting a bonus. The frequency and possibility of crediting VIP Cashback in JVspin depend on several factors:

  1. Player’s level. Thus, users with the “Copper” level can receive cashback no more than once a week, while holders of the “Diamond” and “VIP” statuses receive a bonus daily.
  2. The status of the game account. On the last day of the calculation period, the player’s balance must be less than 2 EUR. In addition, all bets placed the day before the cashback request are not included in the bonus calculation.

It is also worth noting that cashback accrual does not take place automatically – the user will need to perform several actions:

  1. Open a personal account.
  2. Go to the tab VIP Cashback in JVspin.
  3. Click on the “Calculate cashback amount” button.
  4. Get acquainted with the amount and click on the “Receive” button.

The funds are credited to the main gaming account and do not have wagering conditions. This means that the received VIP Cashback in JVspin can be instantly used for further gaming or withdrawal.

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