Roulette Club at Casino X

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Roulette Club at Casino X

Casino X stands out from the competition by offering its customers to participate in new events every day. There are weekly tournaments. Also some take place on specific days and hours. Roulette Club at Casino X is a weekly competition that starts at 03:00 (GMT +3) on Tuesday and ends at 02:00 (GMT +3) also on Tuesday.

Roulette Club at Casino X: general information

There are three main sections on the official Casino X website:

  • Casino.
  • Live dealers.
  • Sports.

The most popular among users is the Casino section with a huge variety of games. For the players’ convenience, the managers of online casinos highlight a list of 12 top entertainment, which is updated once every few days.

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Roulette Club at Casino X is a great chance to prove yourself for roulette lovers. Here you will try your hand at American, European, French, Russian and many other varieties of this discipline. Zero, Red or black… These will be the most important words in the Roulette Club at Casino X for you. Since the tournament is held weekly, its results are summed up every Tuesday. As in many similar competitions of this online casino, there is no permanent prize pool. It is formed by the players themselves. However, the prize pool cannot be lower than 500 USD (or the equivalent of this currency).

It is important to know that the minimum bet in the Roulette Club at Casino X is 1 USD. Only real money is used for the game. To find out the details of the competitions, go to the “Tournaments” tab, and then find information about the Roulette Club. In particular, you will be able to see the standings of the completed and current draws. For example, the winner of the completed tournament earned more than $ 600 at the time of writing. The prize fund of the Roulette Club at Casino X depends on the activity of the participants. Payouts are given to the top 20 players of the tournament and are distributed as follows:

Place in the table Percentage of the prize pool
1 38%
2 11%
3 8%
4 6%
5 4%
6-10 3%
11-16 2%
17-20 1,5%

Casino X Roulette Club uses the principle of scoring points according to the formula “maximum win rate”, which is calculated using the following formula:

Number of points The value of the win
0 points from х0 to х2
1 point from х2 to х3
5 points from х3 to х6
20 points from х6 to х9
50 points from х9 to х12
100 points from х12 to х18
200 points from х18 to х36
500 points from х36 or more

Roulette Club at Casino X: general information

Roulette club at Casino X: how the results are summed up

The best players according to the results of the Roulette Club at Casino X are determined by the number of points scored. The more of them, the higher your position in the classification. If the points are equal, the user who scored the amount earlier will be higher.

Note that players can use the “Booster” function in the tournament. Thanks to it, it is possible to bypass a competitor who is in the standings above, but temporarily not playing. You need to place bets above the minimum to do this. There is a circle with an indication near each player on the left by which you can find out his activity:

  • The circle with a green light is designed for superactive players. They were in the game no more than 30 seconds ago.
  • The blue circle is for participants who have been in the game for half an hour.
  • The brown circle indicates that the bettor has not been active for more than 30 minutes.

There is no information that the prize money should be wagered in the future. The organizers of the Roulette Club at Casino X ask all participants to follow the promotion rules and carefully read all the conditions before joining the game.

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