Pin Up Myths and Wins

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Pin Up Myths & Wins - Win ₹ 1 600 000

With all the desire, it is impossible to give one definition of the concept of “myth”. After all, a myth always manifests itself on many different levels of existence. This is its diversity, breadth and inconsistency of the spectrum of determining its properties. When reading the mythological texts of Ancient Greece, you find yourself in the wonderful fantasy world of the Elinns. Exciting adventures, extraordinary feat and courage of heroes, deceit and cruelty of the gods come to life on the pages of ancient legends. How to go to this era? Pin Up Myths and Wins takes us to a world where there is an opportunity to win ₹ 1 600 000.

Pin Up Myths & Wins - What are the rules
Pin Up Myths & Wins – What are the rules

Pin Up Myths and Wins: usual terms and conditions of promo

What are the rules? We live in a society where there are certain rules and norms. What is their importance? If the rules are not followed, the user can be disqualified at any time. What about Pin Up Myths and Wins?

  1. Start your acquaintance with the bookmaker now. In this case, you can enter a Pin Up promo code to get additional prizes.
  2. The tournament is valid from 02.2022 to 24.02.2022.
  3. The minimum possible rate – ₹ 16.00.
  4. Get wild symbols to earn points.
  5. Prize fund – ₹ 1 600 000.

Everything is a little more complicated than it seems. It is important to understand that the entire amount will not go to one person. The organizers of Pin Up Myths and Wins decided to award about 100 people.

Place 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-100
Amount ₹ 160 000 ₹ 144 000 ₹ 120 000 ₹ 80 000 ₹ 72 000 ₹ 64 000 ₹ 56 000 ₹ 48 000 ₹ 40 000 ₹ 32 000 ₹ 10 800 ₹ 10 000 ₹ 9 200 ₹ 8 400 ₹ 8 000

Pin Up Myths and Wins: available games

Pin Up Myths & Wins - Experience the mysterious world of myths
Pin Up Myths & Wins – Experience the mysterious world of myths

Unfortunately, not with all the slots of the company it is possible to achieve winnings. There are 5 slots, one of which will be chosen randomly by Pin Up Myths and Wins.

  • Book of Demi Gods II. Continuation of a successful series. In total, there are six slots in this line, in each of them the developer adds certain exclusive features, making it different from others, and thus the most interesting.
  • Book of Demi Gods III. Led by Odin, the Scandinavian gods offer to place a bet and break the maximum possible number of winning combinations. 10 lines are active in each spin. And there is also a classic bonus involved – free spins with an expanding symbol.
  • Poseidon’s Rising. This is a classic slot machine that has many additional bonuses and symbols. And if you want to get the most out of the game, then go on an adventure with the sea deity – Poseidon, and perhaps you will get the best prizes.
  • Majestic King. This slot machine will give you the opportunity to get to know the king of beasts and take part in an entertaining game. The slot for fans of excitement offers three bonus options at once – an unusual round and a symbol with special abilities, as well as additional rounds and symbols with special properties. For a gamer, a walk through the African savannah will be a real adventure. He will get a lot of positive emotions from walking along it.

Experience the mysterious world of myths with Pin Up Myths and Wins.

Pin Up Myths and Wins: FAQ

What is a prize in Pin Up Myths and Wins?

Prize fund - ₹ 1 600 000.

How many games are available in Pin Up Myths and Wins?

There are about 5 games in Pin Up Myths and Wins.

When does Pin Up Myths and Wins end?

Pin Up Myths and Wins is valid only from 16.02.2022 to 24.02.2022.

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