Nomini registration

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Nomini registration

Most sites offer elementary conditions for creating an account: somewhere you need to fill in just a couple of lines, somewhere a single click is enough. Nomini registration is one of the most creative and non-standard that’s why some users face difficulties. We offer you to study the step-by-step instructions for creating a gaming account at Nomini online casino.

Nomini registration with bonus: selection of winning

It’s no secret that registration takes place in a standard way on most sites: the user is asked to fill out a questionnaire form that includes several lines with the country of residence, minimal contact details and a password for a future account. Somewhere, it is enough to click on one button at all, so that the system generates a login and password on its own. Nomini registration stands out significantly among similar procedures in online casinos.

The first step from which Nomini registration begins is funny creatures in the form of fruits and vegetables. Does that sound weird? Undoubtedly, but this is the main “trick” of the company. When choosing an avatar, the user needs to understand that the funny hero will not only accompany him during the game but also be responsible for the welcome bonus.

Avatar selected during Nomini registration A welcome bonus for registration
Broccoli 100% bonus on first deposit
Banana casino bonus to1 000 EUR in 3 bonuses
Watermelon free spins for every 1 EUR of the first deposit
Lime bonus 50% up to 1 000 EUR
Strawberry live casino cashback 15% up to 250 EUR
Raspberry cashback bonus 10% up to 200 EUR on all game types
Carambola deposit bonus 200% up to 50 EUR
Cherries 100% up to 500 EUR + 100 free spins
Pineapple start playing without a bonus

Pay attention! The system periodically swaps bonuses and fruits in places. The data shown in the table above may change over time.

Thus, at the first step of Nomini registration, you need to choose a bonus that will be credited after creating an account and fulfilling the conditions of the promotion. Once again, we remind you that you need to choose according to the desired reward, and not according to the appearance of the character.

Nomini registration in India: creating a gaming account

The next step of Nomini registration involves the creation of data for further authorization on the site. Several lines will appear on the screen, in which you need to specify the following information:

  1. The email address to which the game account will be linked. In the future, the email will be used both for authorization and for password recovery, communication with the support service and receiving personal bonuses. Based on the above, we strongly recommend that you specify in this field the mail that belongs to you and is available to you.
  2. The game name that will be used during the game or as an alternative to email when logging in to the resource. You can specify absolutely any word, the main thing is that it does not coincide with the logins of previously registered users.
  3. The password that will be used when logging in to the account. We recommend specifying complex combinations of letters and symbols for security reasons.

Before proceeding to the next step, click on the line “Use promocode”. In the field that appears, we recommend specifying the current Nomini Promo Code isport to receive a welcome bonus and some other privileges from the company.

Nomini registration in India: creating a gaming account

Nomini registration: filling out a form

The third step of Nomini registration requests the player’s data. The user needs to specify the following information in the available lines:

  • Name;
  • Last name;
  • Phone number;
  • Day, month and year of birth;
  • Gender.

The player needs to be approached carefully and responsibly to fill in the above fields since all information will be transferred to the profile. In the future, some of the data may be required to activate the account, and the other part – for identity verification. The discrepancy between the account data and the documents may lead to temporary or permanent freezing of the account.

Nomini registration: player’s contact details

The final part of Nomini registration is filling out a registration form with contact details. Here the player is required to specify the address of residence. In particular, the system is interested in the following information

  • Country of residence (you can select from the drop-down list);
  • Postcode;
  • City;
  • Address (street, number).

You should also pay attention to the list that offers to choose the currency of the account. By default, the national currency of the player corresponding to his geo-location will be indicated in the registration form. If the user is not satisfied with the option selected by the system, you can always replace rupees with euros or US dollars.

Nomini registration: account activation

If the four steps are successfully completed and each of the fields is filled in correctly, Nomini registration can be considered complete. Only one step separates the user from receiving bonuses and a full-fledged game – account activation. Fortunately, it is much easier to launch a gaming account than to create one. The instruction is as follows:

  1. Open your account and enter the subsection with personal data.
  2. Activate the email by clicking on the corresponding button. Please note that after clicking, you will need to open an email, find an email from Nomini casino and click on the link indicated in it.
  3. Activate the phone number by clicking on the corresponding button. Within a minute after clicking on the number, you should receive an SMS with a code that you will need to duplicate in your account.

Is everything ready? It’s time to start the game! Open the “Bonuses” tab to see the company’s available offers and familiarize yourself with the terms of their activation. We wish you a fun and profitable game!

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