Nil-Nil Draw in Betwinner

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Nil-Nil Draw in Betwinner

A goalless draw is always disappointing for the bettor, even if the stake has won. And what if she lost? A boring match, no development of events, zero joy and exactly the same number of goals scored, so money is also lost! For the punters not to get discouraged, the Nil-Nil Draw in Betwinner campaign was launched, which can compensate for lost funds in the form of a promo code of up to 1,616 INR.

Nil-Nil Draw in Betwinner: terms of the promotion

What is the essence of the Nil-Nil Draw in Betwinner promotion and why will it surely appeal to many bookmaker customers? To understand the benefits of a bonus offer, it is enough to imagine a situation that almost every bettor has probably encountered.

So, the evening, a comfortable place prepared for watching the match on your favorite sofa, the bets made, which should bring a good profit and the anticipation of an exciting game. These were expectations, but the reality is quite different: the match was as dull as possible, the bets were lost, and the first half ended with a score of 0:0. Disappointment!

Of course, the Betwinner BM cannot make every meeting of the teams eventful, but it is in its power to smooth out the bitterness of defeat. As part of the Nil-Nil Draw promotion, users can return lost funds if the first half ended in a goalless draw. The bonus will be issued in promo code format, the maximum amount of which is 1,616 INR.

Nil-Nil Draw in Betwinner: how to participate in the promo

Like all events, the Nil-Nil Draw in Betwinner bonus offer has several conditions and restrictions. So, to be guaranteed compensation for the loss, the user will need to place single bets H1 or A2 on the matches presented on the bonus offer page (as a rule, these are events from the Betwinner football category).

The user will be credited with the first single bet H1 or A2 made on the match provided on the Nil-Nil Draw promotion page for real money. It is worth noting that bonus bets made for advance funds, concluded with a promo code of a stake and prediction calculated with an odd of 1, do not participate in the promotion.

Further events develop as follows:

  1. The bet wins. Everything is simple here – the bookmaker calculates the stake in a standard way, the funds are transferred to the main balance, and the mood improves slightly after a dull half.
  2. The bet loses. Things are a little more complicated here. If the rate loses with the condition that the first half ended in a goalless draw, the bettor receives a bonus equal to the sum lost (but not more than INR 1,616). If the account was not zero, the bet does not fall under the terms of the Nil-Nil Draw in Betwinner action, and the lost amount is not compensated.

To receive compensation in the form of a Betwinner promo code, the user needs to pay attention to a few more details concerning the basic rules of the game on the bookmaker’s website:

  • The presence of no more than one account. When creating multiple accounts, the company has the right to block all user accounts. If there is no profile, you must go to Betwinner registration to participate in the promotion. The ISPORTIN promo code mentioned in the registration form of the questionnaire will help you get a nice present at the start of the game.
  • Completed game profile. Open the “Profile” tab in your profile and check if all the fields are filled in. In case of missing information, the bookmaker has the right not to issue a promo code for the bonus.
  • Consent to receive bonuses. Everything is quite logical here: no consent – no bonus. In view of this, open the “Settings” tab in your account and select the tile labeled “Sport”.

Do not forget that you can get no more than one bonus for 1 match, and only the first stale bet made on a promotional event is counted.

Nil-Nil Draw in Betwinner: how to use a promo code

If the bet meets all the conditions of the Nil-Nil Draw in Betwinner promotion, then where to look for the promised promo code? The refund amount will be credited as a bonus code within 24 hours from the calculated bet. The system will notify the user about the receipt of the present.

You must open your account in the “Promo code Verification” tab to study the received bonus conditions. Enter the combination obtained from the bookie in the field that appears to see the details.

Duration of the promotion: permanently.

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