Mystery parcel from GGPoker

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Mystery parcel from GGPoker

“You have received a mystery parcel – hurry up to check!” – all GGPoker players have a chance to receive such a message. In the perpetual promotion from the gaming provider Playtech, prizes are awarded every month, the total amount of which is $16,000. We tell you more about the conditions of the promotion Mystery parcel from GGPoker and what you need to do to take part and get a chance to win.

What prizes can the participants of the promo Mystery parcel receive?

The name of the promotion is by no means accidental because the main prize is really a parcel that passes from one player to another and gives the opportunity to whoever owns it to receive various awards. They have several features:

  1. Prizes are awarded in the form of free spins or cash to the player’s account. The total prize fund of the promotion is $16,000 each month, part of the prizes are cash, from $ 5to $50, and another part is free spins, packages of 10 or 20 spins.
  2. Both money and free spins can only be used in GGPoker. Free spins are awarded to the winner for betting in certain slots, not only their nominal value is strictly determined, but also in which games they can be used and for what period. The player can use the cash prizes at his discretion for any bets in GGPoker.
  3. Prizes are awarded automatically. To receive them, the player does not need to contact support or follow other formalities – it is enough to become the winner of the offer Mystery parcel from GGPoker.
  4. The size of the gift is determined randomly. This promotion is not a tournament, here the amount of winnings does not depend on the number of bets, the amount of winnings and other factors – only on luck.

Every month 1,705 free spins packages are played:

  • 341 sets of 20 free spins.
  • 1364 sets of 10 free spins.

In addition, 1,178 cash prizes are awarded every month.

Number of winners Prize amount
93 50 dollars
155 20 dollars
310 10 dollars
620 5 dollars

Participating in the promotion, the player cannot know in advance what prize he will receive, luck will decide everything.

How to become a member of the event Mystery parcel from GGPoker

As we wrote above, winning in this promotion is purely accidental, as it always is when it comes to most casino games. Nothing can be guaranteed here, and yet the player needs to comply with several important conditions in order to at least have a chance of winning:

  1. Create an account on the GGPoker website. A simple, but an extremely important and absolutely mandatory step in order to claim prizes in the promotion Mystery parcel, place bets with money, and, of course, conduct any financial transactions on the site. To create an account on the GGPoker website, you must specify an e-mail address, country of residence and come up with a password. To get an additional bonus, we also recommend clicking on the “Have a bonus code?” button and entering the win777 combination in the window that opens. Thanks to this, each new player will be able to receive up to $600 as a bonus – 100% of the amount of the first deposit.
  2. Register to join in the promotion. You can do this through a pop-up window or widget in Playtech games. This condition is also mandatory: without its observance, the player will not get a parcel with a mysterious prize. If it is not possible to register for some reason, you can always contact the GGPoker support service: to do this, go to the main page of the site and click the big green “Help” button in the lower right corner.
  3. Receive the parcel. A mysterious package passes from player to player. Its peculiarity is that during the possession of the parcel, the player receives various gifts: their number, the time intervals when they are awarded, as well as the size of the prizes are determined randomly. The period during which the parcel is in the possession of one player is also determined randomly and depends on how many users participate in the promotion Mystery parcel from GGPoker. All prizes must be distributed during the month when the promotion is valid.
  4. Use money or free spins. The number of prizes that one player can get is unlimited and depends on luck. The winnings that the user receives as a result of using prizes do not need to be wagered.
  5. Participate in the promotion again. As we wrote above, every month GGPoker, together with Playtech, gives away $16,000 in free spins and cash prizes. In fact, the duration of the promotion is unlimited, each stage of the promotion begins on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month (the beginning and end of the day are determined by the UTC-8 time zone). So you can play and win all the time!

Join the promo Mystery parcel from GGPoker right now and win even more random awards!

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