Memory in Betwinner

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Memory in Betwinner

Do you remember the children’s entertainment in which cards were lying face down on the table, and we had to find the same images by turning over no more than two cards at the same time? Today, a good memory and playing skills can bring bonus points and valuable prizes as part of the Memory in Betwinner promotion. We tell you the details of the game.

Memory in Betwinner: the essence of the game

Before sharing the terms of participation in the Memory in Betwinner game, it is worth recalling its rules, because compliance with the terms is the first step to valuable prizes! So, at the start, the bookmaker will offer users to choose a sport, the images of the inventory of which will participate in the game. The variants of sports disciplines are as follows:

  • football;
  • hockey;
  • basketball;
  • tennis;
  • boxing;
  • rugby;
  • American football;
  • volleyball;
  • a mix of different sports.

Having decided on the sport, the user can start the game. There will be 9 cards lying face down on the screen. Clicking on the unit will turn the card image up. If the pictures do not match after the second click, the cards will turn upside down back. If the user remembers the location of the elements (after the flip, the pictures do not change places), bonus points will be credited to his account.

In general, the bonus game Memory in Betwinner is no different from the good old childhood memory games, except for a couple of formalities: the process has moved to an online format, and in case of winning, the player will receive not praise of parents and the respect of other guys, but bonus points or even valuable prizes.

Memory in Betwinner: prize fund

It’s time to focus on the prizes of the Memory in Betwinner bonus game. What gifts can the guessed images bring? During the game, the user can win bonus points for Promo Code Store. In this section, the points scored serve as an internal currency for which you can purchase Promo Codes for various services of the company:

  • free bets of various types (single, accumulator, or TOTO bets);
  • free casino games (spins, bets in table games, or Live entertainment);
  • free entries to bonus games (Safe, Memory, etc.) and other entertainment.

The number of bonus points depends on the user’s success in the game. Details can be seen in the table below.

Number of successful attempts Bonus points
First successful attempt 25 bonus points
Second successful attempt 75 bonus points
Third successful attempt 250 bonus points

Also, during the game, a card with the Betwinner logo may appear on the screen. In this case, the player is credited with opening one pair of cards.

Users who have shown the most activity in the Memory in Betwinner game during the week can count on additional valuable prizes: phones, tablets, laptops, or smartwatches. The prize draw is held every Monday at 12:00 as follows:

  • The first prize is awarded to the player who has played at least 10 games a day and scored the most pairs during the week.
  • The second prize goes to the user who has played at least 10 games a day and collected the least number of pairs during the week.
  • The third prize is awarded to all players who have played at least 10 games daily during the week.

Thus, the Memory in Betwinner game is a great opportunity not only to train your memory, but also to win valuable prizes, and enjoy the process.

Memory in Betwinner: how to play

Having figured out that Memory in Betwinner is the very chance to win the long-awaited gadget, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. To start memory training, the user will need to:

  1. Log in to the site. Without a gaming account, you will not be able to start the game, because of which we either log in to your personal account or go through the Betwinner registration. If you open a gaming account, we recommend that you mention the Betwinner Promo Code ISPORTIN in the field of the same name in the registration form of the questionnaire to receive an increased welcome bonus.
  2. Open the game. You can take part in the bonus game both on the official website of the company and through the mobile application (we wrote earlier how to download Betwinner to your phone). The search path for the game is as follows: Promo – Bonus Games – Memory.
  3. Purchase games. Before starting, the user will need to buy entries to the game. You can do this both for real money and for bonus points in the Promo Code Store. It is worth recalling that the more winning combinations there are, the greater the winnings, which is why it is desirable to purchase several entries at once.
  4. Let’s start the game. To start, you will need to select a sport, the inventory of which will be shown on the cards, and click on the “Start the game” button. Next, everything is according to the rules: click on any card and try to match it with a pair, using as few attempts as possible.

Bonus points within the game Memory in Betwinner will be credited to the balance immediately after winning. In case of winning valuable prizes, the company administration will contact you at the contacts specified in your personal account.

Duration of the promotion: permanently.

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