Lucky 9 in Betwinner

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Lucky 9 in Betwinner

Accumulator bets have long established themselves as the riskiest and most profitable bets in the sports betting industry. Unfortunately, the desire to hit the jackpot is not always justified, and often everything is spoiled by the only losing event in the bet slip. To avoid such situations, the promotion Lucky 9 in Betwinner was launched, which allows you to make a profit with a partially losing bet.

Lucky 9 in Betwinner: how the promotion works

To understand how the promo Lucky 9 in Betwinner works, it is enough to imagine a very dull situation: you conclude an accumulator bet in which all events except one win. With a standard calculation, such a bet is considered a losing one, but within the framework of the new promotion, the bookmaker will allow you to get 9% profit from winning outcomes.

An example of bonus calculation will help you get into the promotion details. Suppose a user makes 10 bets, 9 of which win and one loses. The total amount of the bet is 2,000 INR. Let’s combine the bet slip events into a table.

Event Betting Odds Result
1 1,8 win
2 1,9 win
3 1,9 win
4 1,9 win
5 1,7 win
6 1,8 win
7 2,0 win
8 1,9 win
9 1,8 win
10 2,1 loss

Having received the initial data, we calculate the odds of winning bets by multiplying 9 coefficients among themselves:

1.8 x 1.9 x 1.9 x 1.9 x 1.7 x 1.8 x 2.0 x 1.9 x 1.8 = 258.41

Then we calculate how much the bettor would have won if there was no losing bet in the bet slip. To do this, multiply the resulting coefficient by the amount of the bet – 2,000 INR:

258.41 x 2,000 = 516,820 INR

The rules for concluding accumulator bets do not allow you to receive these funds, and in general, according to all the conditions, the 2,000 INR bet should have been considered losing if not for the offer Lucky 9 in Betwinner. According to the terms of the promo, the user can count on 9% of the above amount:

516,820 x 9% = 46,513 INR

Of course, this amount is very far from the one that could be obtained if the whole bet slip was winning, but let’s agree that this option is significantly better than not getting anything, losing 2,000 INR along the way.

Lucky 9 in Betwinner: how to join in the promotion

No experienced bettor will refuse the opportunity to make a profit by making one mistake. What do you need to do to accept the bookmaker’s offer and activate the promotion Lucky 9 in Betwinner? You should start with an account:

  1. You must have one game account on the site. If the account has not been created, we recommend registering by specifying the Betwinner promo code ISPORTIN in the questionnaire form during the process.
  2. Be sure to fill out the profile. Fields with the first name, last name, phone number, email, country, and city of residence must be filled in without fail. In addition, it is essential to activate phone number and email.
  3. Give your consent to participate in bonus promotions. Lucky 9 in Betwinner is a promo that allows you to get a bonus if your bet slip loses. To carry out your plans, be sure to give the appropriate consent.

Next, it is important to consider that not all bets are available for participation in the promotion. The offer applies to:

  • bet slips of 10 events (this is the number considered promotional);
  • events with odds not lower than 1.6;
  • bets made for real money (bonuses, free bets, promo codes, etc. are not taken into account).

If the forecast fully meets the promotion conditions and only one event loses, you can safely count on a compensation bonus within the offer Lucky 9 in Betwinner.

Duration of the promotion: permanently.

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