Linebet 21

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Linebet 21

The first thing you will see in the top menu bar when you open the Linebet website is the “21” item, which even surpasses Sports and Live, where hundreds of options for sports betting are collected. What is the reason for such incredible popularity of Linebet 21? Let’s try to figure it out.

Linebet 21: how to win an iPhone with one bet

Linebet 21 is included in the list of Games offers (“Card”). It would seem that there is no need to put it in a separate menu item, but the developers have made a lot of efforts to turn the ageless classics into one of the main business cards of the site.

The guest is greeted by four tables: classic, new, Dota 21 and Hots 21. The difference between them is primarily in the design. Otherwise, the rules of Linebet 21 are the same and almost do not differ from the standard familiar to experienced bettors. The main task of the participant is to score 21 points faster than the dealer, without exceeding the limit on cards:

  1. Two cards are dealt at the start, after which the participant can additionally request three more;
  2. The victory is awarded if you managed to score 21 points from two cards. If the dealer managed to do it first, you lose;
  3. If you beat the dealer in points by scoring 21 or getting close to this value, you will get a win with an odd x2;
  4. After scoring 17 points, the dealer cannot continue the game. If the sum of points is less, he must take another card;
  5. If a draw is fixed, the game session ends, and the stake is returned to the player’s account;
  6. The player who scored more than 21 points is recognized as the loser.

Attention: Only registered customers can play Linebet 21. Creating an account takes only a few minutes and consists of several basic steps. However, we recommend you take your time and use the ISPORT promo code Linebet, with which you can get a starting promotion of up to 100 EUR (or other currency equivalents).

Numbered cards retain their value, court cards are equated to 2 points (Jack), three points (Queen), four points (King) and eleven points (Ace). Two aces drawn in a row give a total of the so-called “golden point”, which automatically brings the participant a victory.

Linebet 21: rules

One of the few limitations of Linebet 21 is the ban on parallel play at two or more tables. But there are a lot of additional opportunities for earning here. The main thing is to notice them in time and have time to use them. In fact, any player who sits down at a virtual gaming table can claim:

  • Weekly reward;
  • Additional spins on the “Wheel of Luck”;
  • Increased cashback;
  • The right to participate in the quest of the day;
  • The right to participate in Bingo.

But that’s not all! If you gamble in “21” regularly, you can compete for one of the four jackpots (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) if you wish. This promotion is open-ended and does not imply additional contributions from the participants, since the prize fund is formed from interest deductions at the rates. The drawing is carried out randomly, after which the winners receive a corresponding personal notification. There is no need to wager the prize funds: they are credited to the account immediately, and it depends only on you how you spend the reward received – withdraw it to the card, save it on the balance or invest in new stakes.

And finally, a kind of “cherry on top” is an opportunity to win a valuable prize, in this case, an iPhone of the latest model. No special actions will be required to do this, simple luck is enough: if turning the fifth card face down, you find a phone image, congratulations. The prize is yours!

Linebet 21: FAQ
Is it possible to play Linebet 21 without registration?
How to win an iPhone in Linebet 21?
How many times can you play Linebet 21?
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Is it possible to play Linebet 21 without registration?
No, only registered Linebet customers can take part in the drawing.
How to win an iPhone in Linebet 21?
The player receives an iPhone if there is a phone image on the fifth card chosen by him.
How many times can you play Linebet 21?
The number of gaming sessions is not limited by the rules of the site.