Knight’s Tournament in Casino X

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Knight's Tournament in Casino X

You won’t get bored with Casino X. This company can surprise you every day. For players who are particularly confident in their abilities, there is a Knight’s Tournament in Casino X, which takes place every Thursday. You can participate in one or more games that are specially selected for a particular draw. You score points in two ways at once (more about this below). In case of getting into the top 50, the player is guaranteed a part of the prize pool or free spins.

Knight’s Tournament in Casino X: general information

In order to become a participant of the Knight’s Tournament in Casino X, you need to go to the “Tournaments” section. Then find the appropriate event there, wait for Thursday and play. For the convenience of the clients of the Knight’s Tournament Casino X has divided the competition into four rounds, between which there are small pauses for rest:

  1. The first round takes place from 9:00 to 11:30 (GMT 0).
  2. Then the games are from 12:00 to 14:30.
  3. The third round starts at 15:00 and ends at 17:30.
  4. The time of the last round is from 18:00 to 20:30.

You can choose any entertainment from the suggested list. Do you like knights on horseback? You are welcome. Do you want to feel the taste of modernity and fight on the batmobile? No problems. In any case, the minimum bet in each game is 0.5 EUR (or the equivalent of this currency).

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The organizers of the Knight’s Tournament in Casino X appreciate the stability in the performance of their participants. Winning for several games in a row, you get extra points in your piggy bank. Let’s say you can earn a maximum of 50 points. To do this, you need to be better than your opponent at least six times:

Number of points Number of wins


1 point 1 win
2 points 2 wins in a row
5 points 3 wins in a row
10 points 4 wins in a row
25 points 5 wins in a row
50 points 6 or more wins in a row

The main set of points is based on the formula “maximum win rate”. That’s how points are awarded:

Number of points The value of the win
0 points from x0 to x1
1 point from x1 to x2
5 points from x2 to x3
10 points from x3 to x5
25 points from x5 to x10
75 points from x10 to x25
125 points from x25 to x50
250 points from x50 to x100
500 points from x100 and more

During the Knight’s Tournament in Casino X, the points are summed up and entered into a table, which is updated automatically in real time. Players can use the “Booster” function, it helps to score more points. This option can be used against higher-level competitors who are inactive for more than five minutes. To turn on the booster, you need to place a bet above the minimum (that is, 0.5 USD).

Knight’s Tournament in Casino X: how the results are summed up

The top five players can count on prize payments based on the results of the tournament. Players who take places from the sixth to the 50th receive free spins. Note that the winner of the Knight’s Tournament in Casino X takes 45% of the total prize pool:

Place in the table Percentage of the prize pool/Number of free spins
1 45%
2 22%
3 16%
4 11%
5 6%
6-10 50 free spins
11-25 30 free spins
26-50 20 free spins

In order for any of the prizes to be transferred from a bonus account to a real one, it must be wagered with an x3 wager. The reward will be credited within a week, that is, until the next draw. Have a good game!

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