Jeetwin VIP Lottery

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Jeetwin VIP Lottery

The Jeetwin VIP Lottery can be called one of the leading business cards of the site without the slightest exaggeration. Why? It’s simple: firstly, it allows you to quickly and effortlessly join the gameplay, reducing the initial expenses to a minimum. Secondly, it is easier for program participants to balance their budget because all bets, regardless of their outcome, are converted into so-called loyalty points (LP), which can be exchanged for cash. Cashback, express withdrawal of funds, exclusive support number – the loyalty program includes this and a special Jeetwin VIP Lottery, which we will tell you about below.

Jeetwin VIP Lottery: an element of the loyalty program

Let’s start with the main thing – the mechanics of the Jeetwin loyalty program. It is based on the essentially simple principle of converting the affixed funds into loyalty points according to the following scheme:

The number of loyalty points Section Amount INR
1 Slots and E-games 50
“Live dealers” 200
Board Games 1000

In total, the loyalty program provides six basic levels – “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold”, “Pearl”, “Ruby” and “Kohinur”. There is no need to subscribe to participate in it and contact support on this occasion since the accrual of LP starts automatically after registration is completed via the promo link.

The more actively you bet, the faster you can reach the most prestigious levels. So, to obtain the “Bronze” status, it is enough to accumulate 2.5 thousand LP, to move to the “Silver” level – 25 thousand, “Gold” – 150 thousand, “Pearl” – 300 thousand, “Ruby” – 500 thousand, “Kohinur” – 775 thousand and more.

Now we are interested in the last three steps because it is on them that you get access to the December Jeetwin VIP Lottery. This bonus should not be confused with the annual gift received exclusively by “Kohinur”, primarily because the Jeetwin VIP Lottery does not guarantee to win. Nevertheless, it is still worth participating in it, and that’s why:

  • All draw participants are on equal terms, regardless of which stage of the loyalty program they managed to get to. Each VIP client receives strictly one ticket, which can be either winning or “empty”;
  • The lottery draws both cash and valuable prizes, primarily cutting-edge gadgets of the latest models (the list is updated every time);
  • You can participate in the lottery an unlimited number of times as long as your active cooperation with the online casino continues.

Attention: the total amount of the Jeetwin VIP Lottery prize fund is 3 million INR. 

Well, if you are still unlucky, do not worry, because the Jeetwin VIP Lottery is far from the only encouragement that “Pearl” and “Ruby” customers, as well as “Kohinur” can count on. So, in particular, representatives of all three categories receive:

  • Personal support number, which you can use at any convenient time;
  • Ability to withdraw funds as a matter of priority;
  • A fixed number of loyalty points every month (for “Pearl” it is 6.3 thousand LP, for “Ruby” – 11250 LP, for “Kohinur” – 21 thousand LP).

But that’s not the end because as you move from one stage of the loyalty program to another, the formula for converting LP into cash also changes. So, if this function is not available to beginners in principle, then a “Pearl” client can get 3.33 INR for every hundred LP, a “Ruby” one – 5 INR, and a “Kohinur” one – 10 INR. At the same time, the organizers do not insist on a mandatory exchange: if you have other plans for the funds received, you can freely save them on your account.

Jeetwin VIP Lottery: FAQ
What is Jeetwin VIP Lottery?
How to participate in the Jeetwin VIP Lottery?
How often is the Jeetwin VIP Lottery held?
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What is Jeetwin VIP Lottery?
This is an essential element of the loyalty program, available to customers who have reached one of the three final stages ("Pearl", "Ruby", "Kohinur").
How to participate in the Jeetwin VIP Lottery?
To become a lottery participant, it is enough to accumulate the number of loyalty points set by the rules.
How often is the Jeetwin VIP Lottery held?
The lottery is held annually in December.