Hot Slots Cash Drop in JVspin

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Hot Slots Cash Drop in JVspin

How about getting from $10 to $1,000 without competition, investments and regular leaderboard updates? If you like the idea, we suggest you take part in the Hot Slots Cash Drop in JVspin promotion, where the online casino will randomly distribute the prize pool of 100,000 euros. We share the details of the promo.

Hot Slots Cash Drop in JVspin: prize pool

If we talk about online casino entertainment, many people will probably remember tournaments – promotions in which bettors compete with each other for money. Of course, such a format can be considered successful: the excitement is heated up, and the opportunity to receive prizes is never superfluous. Nevertheless, sometimes you want to rely not on yourself but luck and get a chance to win this or that gift just like that.

Hot Slots Cash Drop in JVspin is a promotion where users can randomly win from $10 to $1,000 between August 18 and September 18, 2022. The funds will randomly drop out in the company’s monthly slots. The number of prizes per user is unlimited.

How many packages of cash prizes will the online casino raffle during the promotion period? This answer can be found in the table provided below.

Cash prize Number of cash prizes
1 000 euros 6 prizes
250 euros 30 prizes
100 euros 80 prizes
50 euros 150 prizes
20 euros 1 275 prizes
10 euros 4 550 prizes

Remember that participation in the event is open only to registered users. If you have not set up a gaming account on the site, you can go to JVspin registration on any day of the promo and participate in the prize draw.

Hot Slots Cash Drop in JVspin: promotion rules

The simpler the draw conditions, the more often potential participants look for hidden tricks. Like, it can’t all be so elementary. Believe us, it can! Users only need to fulfill three conditions to participate in the promo Hot Slots Cash Drop in JVspin:

  1. To be a client of the company. As mentioned earlier, if an account has not been created yet, you can open a gaming account at any promotion stage. We also advise you to specify the JVspin promo code isport during registration to receive no deposit free spins immediately after profile activation.
  2. Activate the promotion. Before rushing into the pool of cash prizes, activate the Hot Slots Cash Drop in JVspin promotion. Clicking on the “Participate” button is a mandatory and, at the same time, a fast-fulfilling condition.
  3. Rotate slots. Cash prizes will be distributed in the slots of the Wazdan provider. The promotion organizers do not limit the prize money, the sum of bets or the slot machine. The user can win any number of presents in any developer slots by placing a bet on any amount.

Of course, one more important addition should not be overlooked. Many users are probably waiting for a trick in the form of complex wagering. We promise that this will not happen. The funds received as prize money in the Hot Slots Cash Drop in JVspin action will automatically be credited to the main game balance.

Do you want to increase the chances of winning? In this case, we remind you about the 50% Bonus on Monday on  JVSpin promotion, in which users can receive bonuses of 50% of the deposit every Monday.

The promotion is valid from August 18 to September 18, 2022.

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