Golf refund bonus in Dafabet

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Golf refund bonus in Dafabet

Which sport has a lot of offers in the Asian bookmaker, and which is most popular in the UK? No, not football, but cricket. Following it, in the Dafabet line, there is a whole list of disciplines, among which there is golf. If you have only recently become interested in golf and want to make your first bet on this sport, you can use the Golf refund bonus in Dafabet. In case of the first unsuccessful bet, the user will receive a full refund of the bet up to 100 Malaysian ringgit (after this — RM).

Golf refund bonus in Dafabet: general info

The Scots and the Dutch are considered the ancestors of golf. The first to try their hand at this discipline were Scottish shepherds who used a staff instead of a stick. With its help, they needed to drive a stone into a rabbit hole. Such entertainment helped to pass the time, which was too slow due to routine work. Participants of the promotion Golf refund bonus in Dafabet will probably be interested in the fact that this game was banned in the middle of the 15th century. The decree was issued by King James II of Scotland. The first rules of golf appeared only in 1744.

Gradually, the first golf clubs appeared in Scotland, and the “18 holes” system appeared. It is still in use today. Basically, major tournaments are held according to a system that includes the passage of 72 holes over four days. Whoever passes them faster will become the winner of the championship. Golf betting at Dafabet may appeal to tennis fans, as there are several common points in these sports:

  • Four main tournaments. In tennis and golf, these events are called majors. The main tour in golf is the PGA Tour.
  • Individual sports. In golf, too, every athlete has a style and tactics in a certain tournament.
  • Dependence on weather conditions. In tennis, most major tournaments are played outdoors. In golf, all championships are held in such conditions. So the game of athletes can also be influenced by external factors.
  • Dependence on the venue of the tournament. In golf, competitions are usually held on the same courses for many years. The specifics of the field can be of serious importance for players fighting for the highest positions in the tournament standings.

At the same time, the strategy of betting on golf is different from betting on tennis. If in the game of the masters of the big racket, the most obvious bet is the victory of someone, then in golf, they most often bet on the player’s success at the end of the tournament or the end of a particular stage. Essential details are worth paying attention to before using the Golf refund bonus in Dafabet. This promotion is available to all company users who have registered in the Dafa Sports section. Additionally, you must fill out the form on the special offer page. Now it’s time to fulfill the basic conditions of the promo:

  • Make a bet on any golf tournament; the coefficient must be 1.5 or higher.
  • The maximum amount of Golf refund bonus in Dafabet will be RM 100, so it is hardly worth sending more to golf beginners for the first bet.

It is not specified what kind of bet it should be. In any case, if it turns out to be successful, then you can only be congratulated on a good start in a new discipline. If your bet fails, then you will be able to return all the money you spent earlier on some golf event. This promotion does not apply to the second and subsequent golf bets.

Golf refund bonus in Dafabet: how to wager

To transfer money to the main balance within the Golf refund bonus in Dafabet, you will need to scroll the bonus amount with a rollover x1. You can bet on any sports discipline, except Virtuals sport and Jackpot. Also, failed bets (for example, cashed or refunded) will not be taken into account for the wagering offset. Until you fulfill the conditions for wagering this bonus, you will not be able to participate in other bookmaker promotions. According to the company’s rules, a client can have only one active bonus.

If you try to use the Golf refund bonus in Dafabet twice by logging in from another account, then do not doubt that the site’s moderators will quickly see fraud on your part. They will be required to block all your accounts. Believe us, the trick, in this case, is not the best assistant.

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