Game Memory in 1xBet

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Game Memory in 1xBet

Tournaments, sweepstakes and promotions are, of course, attractive. But sometimes you want to relax and win a valuable prize on a gambling entertainment site. You can do this in the game Memory in 1xBet, which will help you enjoy the process and train your memory and become the owner of a new gadget.

Game Memory in 1xBet: the essence of the game

You can find a plenty of gambling entertainment on the 1xBet website. These are casino tournaments, sweepstakes of valuable prizes, gifts for betting in a bookmaker, and various options that help you make a profit even from losing bets. Most of the offers are temporary and last from a few weeks to a couple of months, but there are also promos available on the site since the launch of the company, for example, game Memory.

The essence of game Memory in 1xBet will surely become clear to anyone who launches a promo on the company’s website or mobile application. A set of tiles will appear on the screen, face down. When clicked, the card will flip over and show any sports equipment. The player’s goal is to find a couple. If the images do not match, the tiles will turn upside down again.

What can you win if the cards are guessed? Prizes depend on the number of successful attempts, as well as on the activity of users in the game:

  • first successful attempt = 25 bonus points;
  • second successful attempt = 75 bonus points;
  • third successful attempt = 250 bonus points.

It is worth recalling that bonus points are needed for purchases in the 1xBet Promo Code Store, where the points earned can be exchanged for various promo codes.

What about valuable prizes? In game Memory in 1xBet, you can win super prizes, including equipment from Apple. The sweepstakes are held at 12:00 on Mondays, and the most active users become the owners of gifts.

Prize Condition Minimum number of games
The first prize The player who has collected the largest number of pairs wins at least 10 games daily
The second prize The player who has collected the least number of pairs wins at least 10 games daily
The third prize The winner is chosen randomly at least 10 games daily

It is worth noting that to participate in the draw, you need to make at least 10 attempts every day. Playing once and hoping for a prize for the least number of pairs will not work.

Game Memory in 1xBet: rules

The rules of game Memory in 1xBet are as elementary as possible. Users who want to try their luck (or train their memory) will need to purchase inputs to the game. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Buy for real money. Logins to the game are available on the entertainment page itself.
  2. Buy with bonus funds. An alternative way is to purchase a promo code for the Memory game in the company’s promo code store.

Tip: Buy as many entries as possible to increase the prizes. If you purchase one entry, you can win no more than 25 bonus points, while two successful attempts in a row will bring 75 points.

Next, you must choose the game’s theme, which will affect the images hiding under the tiles. An inventory of the most popular sports is offered to choose from, and you can also play with a mixed theme.

Having dealt with all the formalities, you can proceed to the 1xBet game. There will be 9 tiles on the screen, including 3 pairs and one 1xBet card, which counts as a successful attempt. The user’s goal is to collect as many pairs as possible. In case of winning, bonus points will be automatically transferred to the account.

Attention! Game Memory is available only for registered users logged in to their accounts. If you have never created a gaming account on the site before, the 1xBet promo code specified during registration will help you open an account with a bonus.

Duration of the promotion: permanently.

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