Burning Treasure in 1xbet

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Burning Treasure in 1xbet

Mankind began to develop at a new speed immediately after the discovery of fire. This natural phenomenon is both terrifying and serves people for good purposes. Well, the Burning Treasure in 1xbet is waiting for every adventurer, which is only for those who truly deserve it. Prove that you are the hero who can pass any tests to achieve your goal! And our review of this tournament will help you in this.

Burning Treasure in 1xbet: a hot adventure in the world of slots

Treasure comes in many forms. Some of them are chests with diamonds hidden deep in caves or at the bottom of oceans. But they’re pretty hard to find. But the Burning Treasure in 1xbet is real money that is right in front of you. All that remains is to find them, overtake other adventurers and take the reward.

What are the reasons to participate in this tournament, besides the prizes, of course? Let’s find out:

  • A trio of selected slots from the provider BF Games. The highlight of the Burning Treasure in 1xbet tournament lies in three slot machines from the mentioned provider. These are the ones that will entertain the participants of the promotion! We assure: these slots are so exciting that you will be able to immerse yourself in the virtual world without difficulty and with your head.
  • If you win, prizes will not have to wagering. Agree that if the promotions appear in the conditions for wagering prizes, they are annoying. But this time you can relax, because nothing like that will happen now: prizes in the Burning Treasure in 1xbet tournament are credited directly to the main balance of the winners within 72 hours from the moment of summarizing the results!

Without adventures, life would be quite boring. And the adventures themselves would not be very interesting without rewards. But in the Burning Treasure in 1xbet tournament players can expect everything: fun and valuable prizes.

Burning Treasure in 1xbet: how to participate in the tournament

Just open your browser, log in to 1xbet and you’re already halfway to the fiery treasure! Our instructions will help you to overcome the further road:

  • Step one – log in to your 1xbet account or register your profile. First you need to introduce yourself to the system, that is – authorize. If you do not have an account, there is no need to despair: registration takes no more than two minutes, and the 1xbet promo code ISPORT specified in the appropriate column of 1xbet will bring up to 26,000 INR as a welcome prize.
  • Step two is to confirm participation in the Burning Treasure in 1xbet tournament. To be among the treasure seekers, you need to click “Participate” on the promo page of the promotion. This is a mandatory action.
  • Step three is an exciting game in three selected slots. It will not be superfluous to repeat that the tournament participants have at their disposal three slot machines from the provider BF Games. By the way, we did not mention their names! So we correct ourselves and share the list: Stunning Crown, Book of Gods and Stunning Hot. Links to the slots can be found on the promo page of the promotion. It is also noted that only scrolls of €1 or more will count.
  • Step four is to accumulate points and win over other players. 1 euro of bets is 1 point in favor of the participant. And it doesn’t matter if your luck has smiled on you or not: points will be awarded even for losing scrolls.

The Burning Treasure in 1xbet promotion will last from May 29 to June 4, 2024.

If the heroes of fantasy worlds on the way to the main villains are haunted by obstacles in the form of various supernatural creatures, gamblers have it easier: in some tournaments you just need to overcome the minimum threshold of points that separates them from the main prize.

The Burning Treasure in 1xbet promotion has one of these too. In fact, everything is much simpler than it seems, and in order for you to see for yourself, we have compiled this small table.

Place Minimum number of points required
1 1 000
2 700
3 600
4 500
5 – 10 150
11 – 20 100
21 – 30 30

To understand any unclear points of this tournament, you do not need to cast a spell, mix a magic potion and so on. It is enough to simply contact the support team of 1xbet to clarify any questions. In addition, the support works around the clock, so the answer will take a minimum amount of time.

Burning Treasure in 1xbet: the prize pool

The bravest heroes will not be afraid of the scalding flames of the Burning Treasure in 1xbet (especially since it is a metaphor, so everything is as safe as possible) and will get their part of the reward from the prize pool of 5,000 euros. These funds will be distributed among the thirty winners as follows:

Place Prize
1 1 000 euros
2 700 euros
3 600 euros
4 500 euros
5 – 10 150 euros
11 – 20 100 euros
21 – 30 30 euros

Every bonus makes a player feel happy. And with our site you can experience it endlessly! After all, we regularly inform users about the most attractive bonus offers.

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