Birthday Gift at Riobet

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Birthday Gift at Riobet

Do you like to receive birthday gifts? What about the free bonus from Riobet online casino? Every registered player of the gambling company has the right to receive a Birthday Gift at Riobet on his holiday. The bonus is additional funds to the account (from 10 to 250 USD). How to pick up a gift and how to use it correctly – find out in the article.

Birthday Gift at Riobet: a free gift to the game account

Every popular online casino has its own bonus program. Promotional offers are a mandatory and integral part of gambling entertainment. Thanks to various bonuses, registered players have an additional chance to increase their budget at the casino.

The organizers of the Riobet website also run their own high-quality bonus program. New customers can get up to 150 free spins to their account just for registering a gaming account! How to get them – you will find the answer in a separate article about the Riobet promo code.

To date, there are about 15 current bonus offers on the Riobet portal. One of them is called a Birthday Gift at Riobet. It is this promotion that we will study in detail right now.

Firstly, to get a free gift for your holiday, you must have a complete gaming account on the online casino website. Complete means that all your data is up to date, and your account is verified. Naturally, in order to avoid any questions when calculating a gift, the date of birth entered when registering the account must be exactly the same as in your official document (passport, car license).

Secondly, initially, the Birthday Gift at Riobet will not be available to new players. In order to qualify for a free bonus, the client must change their gaming status.

In simple terms, when registering an account, you are assigned the Guest status. The bonus on birthday is available only with the Classic status and higher. You will learn more about the statuses in the article Riobet Loyalty Program.

Birthday Gift at Riobet: a free gift to the game account

Birthday Gift at Riobet: gift conditions

If you have a certain status in which you can receive a gift on your birthday, then do not wait and be sure to use this opportunity. By the way, the bonus amount directly depends on your gaming status:

  • Classic – 10 USD;
  • Gold – 50 USD;
  • VIP – 250 USD.

If it is necessary to contact technical support on the websites of other online casinos to receive a bonus, then this is not the case in Riobet. The Birthday Gift at Riobet is credited automatically. There is no need to contact anyone. Yes, the essential condition is the verification of your account. Without going through this procedure, a gift on holiday is not credited (even with the highest status).

What to do with the received funds? We immediately warn you that you do not need to withdraw money from the account. If you do this, the bonus will be canceled. Initially, the amount provided goes to the bonus account. To transfer money to a real one, they need to be wagered. The wagering coefficient is x5.

Of course, you can refuse taking part in the promotion Birthday Gift at Riobet and turn down additional funds. However, we 100% recommend using this feature because the wagering stage is very simple. Well, after wagering, you will get a good amount to your real account!

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