BetOnline Mobile Betting $50 Free Play

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BetOnline Mobile Betting $50 Free Play

Agree, today it isn’t easy to imagine your life without a mobile phone. Gadgets have long been used not only for conversations: thanks to the Internet, you can receive and post information, make payments through the phone. This article will show you how to use a smartphone for sports betting and get a bonus in the BetOnline Mobile Betting $50 Free Play promotion.

BetOnline Mobile Betting $50 Free Play: the essence of the bonus offer

What is the essence of the BetOnline Mobile Betting $50 Free Play bonus offer? Many punters who have set up a profile on the BM’s page continue to gmble from a PC or, if necessary, open the site through a mobile phone browser. Despite the excellent adaptation of the resource to any size of the gadget’s screen, it can be inconvenient to make bets in this way:

  • Other tabs interfere.
  • The page loading speed is lame.
  • The odds are poorly updated with an unstable Internet connection.

The way out of this situation is the installation of the BetOnline mobile application, a third-party program that has a lot of advantages, including:

  • fast page loading speed;
  • access to all services 24/7;
  • save traffic;
  • additional account protection;
  • no problems accessing the site;
  • the ability to personalize settings;
  • additional bonuses and promotions.

The last point is worth considering in more detail since the BetOnline Mobile Betting $50 Free Play action directly relates to it. According to the terms, the BM gives a reward for the first sports bet made from a smartphone or tablet. If the stake wins, the profit will be transferred to the main balance in the standard way. The BM will provide a $50 free bet if the bet loses.

BetOnline Mobile Betting $50 Free Play: how to get a bonus

How do you get a bonus as part of the BetOnline Mobile Betting $50 Free Play promotion? The plan looks like this:

  1. Install the app. You can download BetOnline from the company’s official site or through the app store on your smartphone.
  2. Log in to your profile. BetOnline registration is available from a mobile device if no page has been created. We recommend you specify a BetOnline promo code while creating your profile to get an additional bonus at the start of the game.
  3. The first rate must be made from a mobile phone.

Further events unfold as follows:

  • The rate is played. If the rate turns out to be a winning one, the profit will be transferred to the bettor’s balance in a standard way. No bonus will be provided as part of the BetOnline Mobile Betting $50 Free Play event.
  • The rate was not played. If the stake is lost, the punter can expect compensation of up to $ 50. The bonus will directly depend on the sum lost: if the punter loses $ 20, the bookie will provide $20 as a present; if $50 is lost, the punter will receive $ 50.

Compensation is not issued automatically. To receive the prize, the user should connect with the support staff, entering the profile number, the single lost bet, and the subject of the e-mail “$50 Mobile Free Play”. It is essential to send it within 24 hours after the settlement of the rate.

Duration of the promotion: permanently.

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