Betonline Game of the Week

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Betonline Game of the Week

Bookmakers and online casinos like to please their customers with constant promotions held regularly in a certain period. This makes the game on the site more exciting and allows users to have more fun and win additional prizes. The Betonline Game of the Week is one of such bonus offers, and you will learn all its conditions in our material.

Betonline Game of the Week: advantages of the promotion

Before taking part in a particular bonus offer, the user carefully studies the benefits of the event. Of course, the Betonline Game of the Week also has its positive features, which we will briefly tell you about now:

  • The bonus can be won every week. The promotion is available on an ongoing basis and is held weekly. Playing from Monday to Thursday, the user can get an additional prize on Friday, making Saturday and Sunday much more enjoyable.
  • Elementary conditions for participation in the bonus offer. All you need to do as part of the Betonline Game of the Week promotion is to spin one specific slot. Everything else depends solely on the luck of the participant. In the corresponding section of this article, we will tell you all the details about this.
  • Participation is available to all Betonline clients. It doesn’t matter when you signed up for Betonline yesterday or 10 years ago. The promotion will be available to you in any case. Both new and experienced players can fully enjoy all the benefits of this bonus offer.

And, of course, the opportunity to win additional cash prizes is always pleasant. Remember that participation in the promotion is completely voluntary, so if you don’t want to try your luck, you can play in your usual mode and in the regular slots. But why not give it a try?

Betonline Game of the Week: how to get a bonus

If you have read up to this point, you are probably interested in participating in the Betonline Game of the Week promotion. As we said above, the conditions here are as simple as possible. And to make it even easier for users to understand, we have compiled detailed instructions. Follow each step described in it and test your luck!

  1. Log in or register on the Betonline website. Of course, Betonline will not provide an opportunity to participate in the prize draw to those participants who have not registered. Therefore, log in to your account if you are already a client of this gambling establishment. And if not, register using our promo link to activate the bonus program (the button is located at the top). As soon as you click on it and get to the registration menu, specify the Betonline promo code for the bonus you want to receive. All details can be found in the corresponding section of our website.
  2. Find out which slot became the game of the week. The game of the week on Betonline is determined weekly at the beginning of the game period. To discover which slot to spin this week to receive a bonus, find the promo page of the promotion on the Betonline website. There, up-to-date information about the slot machine is published along with a link to it. Click on the slot to go to it and start the game.
  3. Do qualifying scrolls. To participate in the prize draw, the user must make at least 100 spins in the qualifying game. At the same time, at the time of writing, the minimum bet sum was not specified, which means that it can be any. The main thing is to use real money, not bonus money. As we have already said, bets are counted from Monday to Thursday, and the prize draw takes place on Friday.
  4. Get lottery tickets and win prizes every week. Every 100 spins will bring the user one lottery ticket. The more of them, the higher the chances of winning a prize. The system determines the winner randomly. This information will be displayed in your personal account if you are among the winners.

If you still have questions regarding participation in this bonus offer, ask them in the comments below this article. Our site staff will try to give a detailed answer as quickly as possible. Also, do not forget that Betonline has its customer support service on its website, which will help you navigate the rules of any actions on the site.

Betonline Game of the Week: bonus usage rules

Agree that betting companies and online casinos are not charitable organizations but serious gambling establishments whose goal is to provide their bettors with the highest quality services.

And in order not to give money to everyone, Betonline has set up some straightforward conditions for wagering the bonus. There is nothing complicated in this. Both an experienced punter and a beginner who has just registered on Betonline can cope with them:

  • Wager – x10.
  • The bonus is valid for 7 days from the date of its receipt.

Since the above conditions are met, the winnings will be credited to the client’s main account and available both for withdrawal and new stakes. And if the conditions are not met, the prize, respectively, is canceled.

Betonline Game of the Week: a few additional rules

Now you have all the knowledge that gives you a chance to win an extra $500 weekly. But several other conditions apply to the Betonline Game of the Week participants and all the game’s rules on the site. We list them:

  • You cannot have more than one account on the Betonline website. Multiple registration is a gross violation of the rules of any online gambling establishment, not only Betonline. If the company’s employees notice suspicious activity, they have the right to freeze all accounts of the violator until the circumstances are clarified. Therefore, always play fair and follow the company’s rules! And suppose you lost access to your profile and don’t know what to do. In that case, we recommend contacting the Betonline support service, where you will be provided with detailed instructions on restoring your profile.
  • The terms of the promotion are subject to change without notifying users. The organizers of this bonus offer reserve the right to adjust the promotion terms at any time. This can be, for example, a modified wager or the winning amount. Therefore, if you decide to try your luck, always check the relevance of the bonus rules.

You will find many promotions and promo codes from popular betting companies and online casinos on our website. Also, do not forget that we regularly talk about events in the world of cricket so that it is more exciting and more effective for you to place stakes. Subscribe to us on social networks and messengers so as not to miss the latest news.

Betonline Game of the Week: FAQ
What can you win as part of the Betonline Game of the Week promo?
How do you find out which game is involved in the Betonline promotion this week?
Do you need to wager the money won as part of this promotion from Betonline?
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What can you win as part of the Betonline Game of the Week promo?
Every week, this bonus offer raises 10 prizes of $500 each. The winners are determined randomly. You must make at least 100 qualifying spins in the week's game to participate in the draw. Every 100 spins are one lottery ticket. Accordingly, the more tickets – the more chances to win. Bets in the qualifying slot are accepted from Monday to Thursday, and the draw is held on Friday.
How do you find out which game is involved in the Betonline promotion this week?
Find the promo page of this bonus offer on the Betonline website. The name of the current qualifying slot will be indicated and a link to it will be provided.
Do you need to wager the money won as part of this promotion from Betonline?
Yes. A wager is x10, and wagering time is 7 days from the moment of receiving the prize. Please note that these data are current at the time of writing the article. The organizers of the bonus offer can adjust them.