BetAndYou registration

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BetAndYou registration

How does the BetAndYou registration procedure work? How is it easier to create a profile? Can I get a bonus for creating a profile? We are ready to answer the most common questions, specify all the subtleties and nuances of the registration process.

BetAndYou registration in 1 click

At the moment, BetAndYou bookmaker offers four (4) registration methods, the most popular of which is BetAndYou registration in 1 click.

Having resorted to this method, it is enough for the player to fill out a questionnaire form on the screen indicating his own location (country of residence) and the currency of the account. After that, the user just needs to click on the “Register” button and follow the instructions. For those who use programs to change geolocation or want to choose a different balance currency, you will need to resort to manual configuration.

In addition, we recommend paying attention to the form for entering a promo code. To become the owner of an increased welcome bonus on the first deposit, you should not lose sight of the line “bonus code” and put BetAndYou Promo Code isport there. What is it?

Without PromoCode / With Promo Code BetAndYou Promo Code


Minimum Contribution 10 EUR / 10 EUR isport
Maximum Contribution 110 EUR / 143 EUR isport
Maximum Bonus 110 EUR / 143 EUR isport

Close attention should be paid to the “Sport” section in the registration form of the questionnaire, in order to receive a bonus for the first deposit.

After the registration is completed, the login/password will be automatically generated by the service, shown on the screen with the subsequent possibility of saving them. Lost data (in the case of an empty profile) cannot be restored.

BetAndYou registration in 1 click

BetAndYou registration by phone

The opportunity to register in BetAndYou by phone is less relevant due to its duration than in the previous version, although it takes no more than 1 minute in total.

In the questionnaire form, the player will need to specify the currency of the account, determine the country and operator code, promo code (isport), and also specify the mobile number. A minute – and a confirmation SMS message with the code should appear on the phone.

Note that the specified number is also a login to log in to the profile. If the password is lost, the recovery is carried out via SMS. Registration by someone else’s number introduces additional difficulties in the recovery process.

BetAndYou registration by phone

BetAndYou registration by e-mail

The method of registration via e-mail combines the obligations of the methods described earlier. In this case, the player needs to enter the following information

  • country, region and city of residence;
  • determine the currency of the account;
  • enter your e-mail and mobile number;
  • specify BetAndYou Promo Code isport;
  • enter your full name;
  • generate a strong password.

The BetAndYou registration by phone number option, comparing, say, with the previous method, does not need instant verification of contacts. You can enter your personal account by ID/e-mail and the password created by the player.

BetAndYou registration by e-mail

BetAndYou registration by social networks

The BetAndYou registration by social networks assumes the presence of a profile on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, or Telegram platforms.

To create an account, the player will need to specify the country of residence, the currency of the account, and the isport promo code, as well as select a social network and confirm permission to use the data as registration.

In the future, you can log in to the site using both a social media account and a login and password generated by the company.

BetAndYou registration by social networks

BetAndYou registration: profile

Creating an account on the site is the primary stage that will allow the player to start placing bets. In practice, it is already possible to replenish the game balance and start earning. However, we recommend taking a few minutes to fill out the profile.

An unfilled profile deprives the bettor of the right to activate bonuses and participate in the company’s promotions, and, of course, does not allow the withdrawal of winnings.

To fill out the profile, you will need to click on the logo in the upper right corner (site’s menu), where you can confirm the phone number in the menu that opens (if the player used BetAndYou registration in 1 click or by social networks).

This will be followed by filling in personal information. The fields marked with a footnote (*) must be filled in without fail. All discrepancies in the profile and official documents that will be requested for subsequent verification will cause difficulties, up to account blocking.

As far as you can see, BetAndYou registration is an accessible and understandable process. A few minutes to fill out the profile will allow you to get the freedom of action in the future to conclude sports betting with an increased welcome bonus.

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