Bet Slip Sale in 22Bet

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Bet Slip Sale in 22Bet

Can’t wait for the coupon to be calculated? Urgently need money for the next bet, and there is no possibility to make a deposit? In this case, the Bet Slip Sale in 22Bet function is what you need! We will tell you in which cases it is possible to sell a coupon, why it is needed and how to use it.

Bet Slip Sale in 22Bet: more about the function

Surely every bettor at least once dreamed of instant settlement of a bet. Waiting for an event, watching a match, calculating a coupon, transferring funds to a gaming account – sometimes these standard actions seem infinitely long, especially when a profitable bet looms on the horizon, there is not enough money for it.

Bet Slip Sale in 22Bet is a real salvation for every impatient betterer. The new feature provides the bettor with a choice between full or partial bet sale. In the first case, the player can, as it is logical to assume, return the entire amount wagered to the gaming account. In the second case, you will receive only a part of the funds, while the other component will continue to play as if this amount was originally wagered.

For example, a player bets 2,000 INR on a cricket match with a coefficient of 1.6. Then the bettor decides to sell part of the coupon using the Bet Slip Sale in 22Bet function. Suppose the user returns half of the bet amount to the gaming account, while the other half continues to play.

What is the result? 1,000 INR is credited to the balance and can be used for other forecasts, and another 1,000 INR continues to play with an odd of 1.6. 1,600 INR will be transferred to the client’s gaming account of the company in case of winning the stake.

What part of the stake can be sold using the Bet Slip Sale in 22Bet function? The minimum and maximum amount of partial sale is determined individually for each coupon. There are situations when only the full sale of the coupon is available to users. As a rule, this indicator is influenced by the probability of a particular outcome.

Does the option apply to all bets? You can sell single, express bets and systems. However, the function may not be available on some coupons, in particular, this applies to situations when:

  • the coupon has already been calculated;
  • one or more coupon outcomes are blocked;
  • the cost of the bet has changed;
  • a technical failure has occurred on the 22Bet website or mobile application.

It’s time to learn how to use the Bet Slip Sale in 22Bet function in practice.

Bet Slip Sale in 22Bet: how to use the function

First of all, it is worth noting that the Bet Slip Sale in 22Bet function is available exclusively for registered users who have passed the initial identity verification. If these conditions are not met, we recommend paying attention to the following articles:

  • 22Bet registration – here we told how to open a gaming account on the company’s website to residents of India and other countries;
  • 22Bet promo code – you can find out how to get a welcome bonus from the company at the very start of the game;
  • 22Bet verification – here we told you how to pass primary and secondary verification in a bookmaker.

If you have been playing on the bookmaker’s website for several days and are ready to sell a bet or part of it right now, the action plan is as follows:

  • open a personal account;
  • find the betting history or the “Recent bets” tab;
  • find the event of interest;
  • specify the amount we want to sell right now;
  • click on the “Sell” button.

What should I do if the desired sale amount is not available in the Bet Slip Sale in 22Bet function? In this case, you can use the “Auto Sale” service, the essence of which is simple. The player independently sets the conditions for the sale of the coupon (i.e. the desired amount). As soon as the price offered by the bettor coincides with the sale price of the stake, the coupon will be calculated automatically.

Pay attention! Before making an auto sale, the bettor can manually make a full or partial sale of the coupon. In this case, the previously applied “Auto-sale” option will be canceled.

Duration of the promotion: permanently.

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