Advancebet in Betwinner

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Advancebet in Betwinner

The bookmakers’ loyalty is not only entertainment promotions and rewards for activity, but also support for users in difficult situations. For example, the Advancebet in Betwinner option is an opportunity to take an advance from the company if there are not enough funds on the gaming account to make the desired bet, and the bets made earlier have not yet been calculated.

What is Advancebet in Betwinner and how to get it

It’s no secret that the gambling industry is considered one of the most generous. Companies welcome new customers on a grand scale, give gifts for the holidays, encourage activity and regularly raffle valuable prizes or cash. It is worth noting that some sites remain on the side of their users in joyful moments and difficult situations.

Advancebet in Betwinner is a special option that allows you to take an advance from a bookmaker to make one or more stakes if the funds have run out and there is no opportunity to make a deposit right now.

It may seem that such an option is available only to VIP clients or the most active players, but this is not the case. Any user who has passed the Betwinner registration can use the advance betting service.

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You can find out the available Advancebet in Betwinner by opening a Betting Coupon (you need to go to the “Available advance” column and click on the “Find out” button). It is worth noting that the amount offered by the bookie is not universal for every user. The amount of an advancebet is calculated based on previously concluded bets and the probability of winning them.

Advancebet in Betwinner: example of advance repayment

It goes without saying that, contrary to the nobility of the company, the received Advancebet in Betwinner will need to be repaid sooner or later. We suggest studying the example below to understand exactly how confidence rates work.

Suppose the player’s initial data before making a bet looks like this:

  1. The initial balance of the user is 260 dollars.
  2. The user makes two bets: for $ 100 with an odd of 1.5 and $ 150 with a multiplier of 2.0.
  3. After the bets are made, $ 10 remains on the balance.

The bettor decides to take Advancebet in Betwinner. The company, in turn, evaluates the prospects of the bets made and offers an advance of $ 100. As a result, the player has $ 110 at his disposal, which he spends as follows:

  • place $ 30 (10 personal and 20 advance) on a match with a multiplier of 1.5;
  • place a $50 advance on an event with a 2.0 multiplier.

Let’s combine the available information into one table, estimating the potential winnings of the bets made.

Bet amount Odd Potential Winnings
Bet 1 $100 1,5 $150
Bet 2 $150 2,0 $300
Bet 3 $30 1,5 $45
Bet 4 $50 2,0 $100

Further, there may be three scenarios on which the user’s profit depends, as well as the payment scheme of the advance taken:

  • Advancebet in Betwinner wins, bets for personal funds lose.

In this case, the bets made for advance funds are reset to zero, and $ 10 is returned to the user’s account (recall, in our example, this amount of personal funds is part of the advancebet).

  • Advancebet in Betwinner lose, bets for personal funds win.

If the situation is opposite to the first one, the system will make several calculations. First, payments will be calculated based on bets made for personal money:

$150 + $300 = $450

Then the bookmaker will calculate the funds spent on the advance bet:

$50 + $20 = $70 ($10 personal funds are not taken into account)

After that, the company will deduct the funds spent on advance bets from the payout amount:

$450 – $70 = $380

It turns out that, the user receives $ 380 to the gaming account, taking into account the repayment of the taken advance.

  • Advancebet in Betwinner and bets made with your own money have lost.

If none of the stakes made have been played, the player does not win anything. At the same time, he does not remain a debtor to the company. The advance taken is forgiven, which means that subsequent deposits will not be used to repay it.

Thus Advancebet in Betwinner is one of the irreplaceable options that can always be relevant for both experienced users and beginners.

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