Advancebet in Betandyou

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Advancebet in Betandyou

Each bookmaker demonstrates loyalty to its customers in different ways. Some companies give bonuses, others launch promotions, others introduce multi-level reward systems for activity. Advancebet in Betandyou is a special way of the site to thank the players, allowing them to make an advancebet at the expense of the bookmaker.

The essence of the Advancebet in Betandyou option

The essence of the Advancebet in Betandyou option

What is the Advancebet in Betandyou function for, and how relevant is it for its customers? It is enough to imagine the following situation to find the answer to this question: the better makes some bets using the entire game balance. While the stakes are waiting for their settlement, several more attractive events appear in the company’s line. However, there is no money on the account and the opportunity to make a deposit. In such a situation, advancebets come to the rescue.

Advancebet in Betandyou is a feature that is quite rare for bookmakers and highly relevant to players, which allows you to bet using advance funds taken from the company.

In the simplest terms, advance bets are an opportunity to borrow funds from the company for betting.

Advancebet in Betandyou: how to find out your advance

How much can I take an advance from a bookmaker, and where can I find such information? First of all, it is worth noting that there is no fixed amount for all users. The size of the advancebet is calculated for each player individually.

To find out the available advance, open the “Bet Coupon” and then click on the “Find out” button in the “Available advance” column.

It is worth adding that Advancebet in Betandyou is not available for making every bet. The option applies exclusively to sporting events that are going on right now (live line) or will begin within the next 48 hours.

Advancebet in Betandyou: how to find out your advance

Advancebet in Betandyou: advance payment conditions

It is not difficult to take an advance from a bookmaker. Select the Advancebet in Betandyou option in the coupon when placing a bet. Unfortunately, many users face a situation where the advancebet is not available or cannot be used. To avoid getting into a difficult situation, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with advance payment conditions.

  1. An account on the site. The receipt and use of the advance are available exclusively to registered users with active accounts. Suppose you do not have a betting account yet, but you are interested in the conditions of the bookmaker. In that case, we recommend creating an account using the BetAndYou Promo Code isport during registration. The code will help you get additional privileges.
  2. Game account. Advancebets are available for users who have opened an account in fiat currencies. Unfortunately, advancebets are not provided to owners of cryptocurrency gaming accounts.
  3. Advancebet in Betandyou can only be accessed with advancebets already placed. The system calculates the access to the function and the amount of the available advance based on assessing the potential winnings of unsettled bets.

In addition to the conditions for activating the option, it is essential to know the rules for calculating the bet because the funds taken from the bookmaker will need to be returned:

  • All bets placed and settled within 48 hours after activation of the option will be used to cover the advancebets made.
  • Advancebet in Betandyou will be canceled if the payout on settled bets does not cover the used advance.
  • User’s subsequent deposits will not be used to cover the Advancebets.

We agree that there are a lot of conditions, and it can be challenging to understand the rules. To make the principle of the function more understandable, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the example provided below.

An example of using the Advancebet in Betandyou option

An example of using the Advancebet in Betandyou option

Suppose a user has $300 in their game balance. On the eve of a major tournament, the user decides to make two bets:

Bet amount Coefficient Probable profit
$160 1,6 $256
$100 2,0 $200

After making a bet, $40 remains on the player’s main balance. The system offers the user an advance of $150, assessing the probability of winning the accepted bets  (please note that the amounts are given as an example, there is no fixed formula for calculating the available advance). As a result, the user has $190 to play with, which he manages as follows:

  • Bets $90 at odds of 1.5, of which $40 is personal funds and $50 is advance. The potential win of this bet is $135.
  • Bet $100 at odds of 2.0 for advance funds. The potential profit is $200.

After all the operations are performed, the user can wait for three scenarios.

Advance bets won, personal bets lost

We turn to the example above and perform the calculation. As a result of winning the advance bet, the player receives $135 and $200. Bets placed before the activation of the Advancebet in Betandyou option are lost. In this case, bets made using advance funds will be canceled, and $40 (personal funds that were part of the trust bet) will be returned to the user’s game account.

Advance bets lost, personal won

In the opposite situation, bets for personal funds win, and advance ones lose. In this case, we calculate payments:

$256 + $200 = $456 (payout for bets made with own funds)

Then we calculate the funds spent on advancebets:

$50 + $100 = $150 (personal $40 included in the advancebet is not taken into account)

Next, we subtract from the amount won the funds spent on advancebets to pay off Advancebet in Betandyou:

$456 (betting win) – $150 (advance payment) = $306

Thus, $306 will be credited to the user’s account.

All bets lost

The saddest situation is when absolutely all bets are lost. What to do and how to repay a debt to a bookmaker? There is no need to panic because the company’s loyalty comes into force in this case: the player does not receive the winnings and loses all the funds bet but is not obliged to pay any money to pay off the advance from subsequent deposits.

Thus, Advancebet in Betandyou is a rather profitable feature that allows you to continue betting on sports even with a zero balance.

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