Accumulator Bet Boost in 22Bet

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Accumulator Bet Boost in 22Bet

Accumulator betting is always both a great joy and a huge disappointment for the betterer. In case of a win, the stake brings a solid profit, but most often everything is spoiled by the very only losing event. We will talk about the Accumulator Bet Boost in 22Bet option in this article, which will be a real salvation for the player in such an unpleasant situation.

Accumulator Bet Boost in 22Bet: the essence of the promotion

Accumulator stakes are something that almost every bettor comes to sooner or later. The secret of their attractiveness includes two components: a potentially high win and a risk that attracts gambling users. Nevertheless, the bets made do not always justify themselves and the only losing event in the coupon spoils the whole picture.

Accumulator Bet Boost in 22Bet is a great opportunity to bypass the harsh rules of accumulator stakes and get a win if one of the events in the coupon did not play. The option is relevant for every client of the company who has fulfilled some promotional conditions, which we will tell you about now.

How to use the Accumulator Bet Boost in 22Bet function

Accumulator Bet Boost in 22Bet can be considered salvation if the entire bet risks losing due to one event. However, the option is not always available for use: the user account and forecast must meet some conditions. The first part of the requirements concerns the game account:

  1. The bettor must be a client of the company. The condition is banal, but players who want to make bets without an account on the site still meet. We talked in detail about how to pass through 22Bet registration in our informational article. Here we only focus on the fact that the 22Bet Promo Code specified in the process of creating a gaming account can make the first days of the game more interesting and profitable.
  2. The account must meet the bookmaker’s requirements. This means that the user needs to provide basic information about himself in his account, verify contacts and consent to participate in promotions.

If all this has already been done, you can start studying the details of the Accumulator Bet Boost in 22Bet option. As mentioned earlier, not all bets fall under the promotion, but only coupons that meet the following conditions:

  • type of bet: accumulator;
  • amount: at least 20 euros;
  • number of events: at least 7;
  • odds: at least 1.8 for each event.

If one of the events in the coupon did not play, bonus points will be credited to the balance. The number of points directly depends on the amount wagered on the express.

Bet amount Bonus points
from 20 euros 1 000 points
from 50 euros 2 000 points
from 100 euros 5 000 points

At first glance, it may seem that bonus points cannot compensate for lost real money, but in practice, this is not the case. Earned points can be used as currency in the 22Bet Store by purchasing promo codes for free bets, free spins and other useful bonuses for them.

What happens if the bet wins? In this case, the Accumulator Bet Boost in 22Bet option will not be taken into account, and the BM will calculate the stale in a standard way.

It is worth noting that the function is relevant for all pre-match and live events from any sports. The main thing is to make a bet for real money. This requirement implies that refunds, cancellations and stakes made taking into account free bets, will not participate in the promotion.

Since the option is activated automatically, the bettor can receive compensation for a losing event by playing both on the official website of the company and through the 22Bet app.

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