22Bet account verification

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22Bet account verification

22Bet is one of the best BMs worldwide, trusted by thousands of bettors thanks to a convenient web platform and advanced software. The coefficients are always competitive. You need to create an account to get started with all the proposed functions of the site. Everyone will be able to place stakes during the season after depositing. The article will provide information on how 22Bet account verification takes place, for which primary account verification and identification of the person on the site are needed.

This text will help any punter to navigate in this terminology and will provide an explanation of the main points accompanying these procedures.

What is 22Bet account verification for?

Registering a gaming account with promo code on 22Bet is exactly what the user expects from an international online bookie. Every international bookmaker is forced to comply with global gambling laws (bets are accepted for real money, and financial transactions of this type require a responsible approach), among which is the verification of the player’s account. By becoming an official client of 22bet, a licensed, regulated and multinational BM, the user agrees to its terms by ticking the appropriate box when registering. What else the 22Bet account verification function is needed for will be considered further.

In addition, verification will also be needed for:

  • Protecting your account from possible hacking. After all, when a bettor verifies his account, he receives protection from regulatory authorities, including fraud and theft. In addition to this, account verification guarantees the personal data protection.
  • Only adult (18+) players could gamble. They can use personal accounts, not payments of unauthorized persons.
  • Getting access to all the main services provided by the platform.
  • The correct activation of the gaming account most often brings the user a solid bonus for sports betting or gambling entertainment, all thanks to the activation of a promo code during the registration process.

In the next subtitle, we will learn how the initial verification is carried out. What must be taken into account during its passage?

22Bet account verification: initial verification

In order for the bettor to deposit or withdraw the money won from the account, 22Bet account verification is required. The first stage involves verification of e-mail and phone number during account registration. During this stage, it is checked by sending a welcome message with a code or a link to follow − whether the player is the owner of the specified phone number or E-mail address. Whether the information provided by them is really true.

The second stage of the verification procedure of the betting site requires filling in the gaming profile, filling in all fields in the Account section of the personal account. You will need to specify: surname and first name, date of birth, place of birth, permanent registration address and other basic information, which we will consider in more detail in the subtitle “identity identification”.

Agree, it would be a shame to win a substantial sum of money, and the next day to realize that the login to the account is blocked because of a forgotten password or because of incorrectly specified personal data. Therefore, in order to avoid such an unpleasant moment, we focus your attention on what needs to be entered in the appropriate fields!

22Bet account verification: identity identification

In order to prevent bettors from creating multiple accounts on the platform, there is 22Bet account verification, which implies checking the profile for the presence of binding documents proving your identity. Thus, the BM confirms the player’s identity and makes sure that he is a real person.

You will need to take the following steps and fill in the missing information fields to complete the identification of documents:

  • Log in to the registered profile on the website.
  • Click on the button in the upper right corner − personal account. From the drop-down column, click on the personal data field, it will be possible to make changes in your account settings.
  • Fill in the missing information fields − document type, document number, country.
  • Upload a copy of your ID card. Keep in mind that the data about the documents you are sending should be in img or png file format and be clearly visible. The 22bet support service will conduct a check, so if you don’t want to repeat the procedure over and over again, send only high-quality images.
  • Save your changes.
  • Wait for the verification to complete. All identification documents will be processed scrupulously and in a timely manner within a few hours.

Keep in mind that the age verification is carried out using an identity card and passport. A driver’s license is not suitable and is not accepted by the platform as an identification document. Sometimes the administration of the platform may request your selfie with a document.

When the account on 22bet becomes official, the punter will see this fact in the information about his account. Players who have not verified their accounts will see a message – the account has not been verified.

In this article, we have studied in detail what needs to be done to make the 22Bet account verification and identification processes simple and successful for players.

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