1xSlots VIP Cashback

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1xSlots VIP Cashback

Loyalty programs are a common phenomenon in the gambling entertainment industry. Some sites offer clients a variety of bonuses, and others indulge in the return of part of the money spent on bets. Today we will tell you about 1xSlots VIP Cashback – a multi-level reward system.

1xSlots VIP Cashback: loyalty program levels

Agree, even the most favorite hobby sometimes gets boring. You want to distract yourself, try something new, and generally make a variety in the process. Despite the regular release of all kinds of novelties, gambling entertainment can also get boring. In such situations, companies introduce promotions, bonuses, and loyalty programs to fuel user interest.

1xSlots VIP Cashback is a multi-level reward system of the company, which includes eight statuses, each of which provides the user with a certain percentage of the return of money placed on gambling entertainment:

  • Copper – cashback 5%;
  • Bronze – cashback 6%;
  • Silver – cashback 7%;
  • Gold – cashback 8%;
  • Ruby – cashback 9%;
  • Sapphire – cashback 10%;
  • Diamond – cashback 11%;
  • VIP Status – cashback 0.05 – 0.25.

The user’s status depends on his contribution to the game – the more actively the company’s client behaves, the greater the return he receives from the online casino. So, immediately after 1xSlots registration, the player is awarded the Copper level, which allows him to receive cashback up to 5% weekly.

Cashback in online casinos and bookmakers is the return of part of the user’s expenses for gaming activity.

How to advance to the next level or even start receiving 1xSlots VIP Cashback not only from losing, but also from winning bets? To answer this question, we have studied the terms of the company’s loyalty program and are ready to share them with our readers.

1xSlots VIP Cashback: conditions for promotion by levels

The 1xSlots VIP Cashback loyalty program is a dynamic system that allows users to receive a refund of part of their expenses following their contribution to the game. To put it as simply as possible, the more actively the user manifests himself, the greater the return he receives from the company. To advance through the levels, the player needs to gain experience points. Details can be seen in the table below.

Level of the 1xSlots VIP Cashback Experience Points Experience Coefficient
Copper 0 100
Bronze 300 000 150
Silver 1 000 000 200
Gold 2 000 000 250
Ruby 5 000 000 300
Sapphire 15 000 000 350
Diamond 25 000 000 400
VIP Status 75 000 000 450

For example, the user needs to gain 300,000 experience points to get the second level.

Based on the information received, the following question would be pretty logical: how are experience points awarded? Here, the third column of the table provided above is added to the calculation system – the experience coefficient. According to the terms of the 1xSlots VIP Cashback promotion, for every 1 euro of bets, the user receives a certain number of points: 150 at the Bronze level, 200 at the Silver level, etc.

Let’s say a player has put down 250 euros at the Copper level. We make elementary calculations to understand how many experience points the user has earned for his activity:

250 x 100 = 25,000

Thus, up to the next level, the user needs to put down another 2,750 euros.

1xSlots VIP Cashback: cashback calculation

We have sorted out the promotion of the levels. It remains to answer the main question: how to get 1xSlots VIP Cashback? To do this, you will need to study the scheme for calculating the refund. From level 1 to level 7 (Copper – Diamond), cashback is calculated using the following formula:

(the amount of bets for the period from the last cashback accrual to the present – the amount of winnings for the period from the last cashback accrual to the present) x the percentage of cashback

Here 1xSlots website focuses on an important point: the amount of the calculated cashback cannot be negative. Thus, the bonus is provided exclusively for users who go into negative and can compensate for part of the lost funds thanks to the company’s loyalty program.

Attention! When calculating the bonus, only bets made for real money are taken into account. 1xSlots demo account is not suitable!

At the 8th level of the bonus system, the cashback calculation changes since not only losing bets, but also winning bets will be counted. As for the percentage of return, it depends on the category of the game in which the user is active:

  • Slots – 0.25%;
  • Live casino – 0,1%;
  • Table machines – 0.05%.

How often can I receive VIP Cashback in 1xSlots, and how to do it? The user activates the reward independently. To do this, you need to open your personal account, go to the tab with the loyalty program and click on the “Calculate cashback amount” button. After calculating the bonus, it remains to click on the “Get” button to transfer the reward to the balance.

As for the frequency of receiving a refund, this parameter also depends on the user’s status in the loyalty program. Thus, holders of VIP Status and Diamond level can transfer the cashback to the account daily. For Copper–Sapphire statuses, deadlines are set from 7 to 2 days (the higher the level, the shorter the time interval).

What to do with the funds received? According to the rules, cashback is transferred to the user’s main gaming account and does not need wagering. Given this, the client can use the money both for the game and for withdrawal.

It is worth noting that the promotion is available exclusively for registered clients of the company. If you do not have a gaming account yet, we recommend that you specify the 1xSlots promo code ISPORT when registering in order not only to open an account on the site, but also to receive a reward for this elementary action.

Duration of the promotion: permanently.

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