1xSafe in 1xBet

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1xSafe in 1xBet

If you’ve ever admired the skills of breaking locks while watching movies, now is the time to try to do it yourself. Of course, everything is legal if we are talking about the promo 1xSafe in 1xBet. Choose the safe you like, crack the lock and get bonus points or one of the valuable prizes. We will tell you how to take part in the robbery of the century!

1xSafe in 1xBet: the essence of the offer

It’s no secret that the official 1xBet website is a real storehouse of bonuses, promotions, and other profitable offers. The company regularly conducts a variety of promos, raffling valuable prizes, bonus points, and other gifts.

1xSafe in 1xBet is a bonus game available for participation from the first days of the company’s operation. Users who have bought entrances get the opportunity to feel like an experienced robbers cracking safes. If the robbery of the century is successful, the gambling platform will give fantastic bonuses that do not require wagering or additional investments.

How to participate in the game 1xSafe in 1xBet

At first glance, the company’s offer may seem strange and rather incomprehensible. In order to have as few questions as possible, we will gradually sort out all the details of participation in the promo 1xSafe in 1xBet.

  • Step 1: Enter the site.

The robbery of the century is a serious thing. To participate in it, you need to have an account on the company’s website. You can create an account in its absence at any time. To turn a boring procedure into a profitable action, we recommend specifying the 1xBet promo code ISPORT when registering. The combination of letters will provide a bonus for sports betting or casino games (at the user’s choice).

  • Step 2: Purchase entries.

As one can logically assume, 1xSafe, like other 1xBet games, is not a free entertainment. To participate in the promotion, you must first purchase the game entries. There are two ways to do this:

  1. For bonus points. To make a purchase, open the Promo code store, find the suitable game and purchase the required number of codes for the game.
  2. For real money. To pay for the game with real money, you will need to visit the 1xSafe promotion page, which can be found in the Bonus Games section.

Pay attention! Up to 9 safes can be opened in one game. Considering that the treasures are not stored behind every door, and after re-entering, all the locks will be closed again, we recommend buying several attempts at once. This strategy will allow you to open as many safes as possible at a time, thereby gaining more benefits.

  • Step 3: Opening the locks.

At the third stage, you can start playing 1xSafe in 1xBet. A vault with 9 safes will appear on the screen, some of which store treasures. To crack the lock, just select one of the doors and click on it.

Attention! 1 safe = 1 attempt.

After clicking, the safe door will open. It can store bonus points for a Showcase of promo codes or valuable prizes (gadgets from Apple or other brands). With total bad luck, the safe may be empty.

In the case of winning bonus points, you can find the prize money on the corresponding balance (accrual occurs automatically). If a valuable prize was found behind the doors of the vault, take a screenshot, and then contact the support service to find out the details of the gift accrual.

Duration of the promotion: permanently.

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